VEOPLE Release New Single ‘Maverick’ + Announce Debut EP

Between multidisciplinary artist and musician, Jay Jermyn, and musician, Julian CurrieVeople is an experiential sound and collaboration lingering in the space between tension and release through textural, house-orientated rhythms and electronic production.

Following on from their acclaimed return single earlier this year, Tilt, which picked up steam through international tastemakers including EARMILKAcid StagMystic SonsCome Here Floydtriple j Unearthed and more, Veople are ecstatic to release their new single, Maverick. The track is the boldest, loudest and most intense statement the group has ever created. If there was ever a time to know about Veople, Maverick is it.

Listen to Maverick here

In usual Veople fashion, Maverick is just as unrelenting in its traversal of deep electronic and post-rock sounds. A weaponised drum performance colliding with washed out synths, digitised blips and a physical, burgeoning guitar solo built to a mechanised level of precision. Maverick was the first track Jay and Julian wrote together as an impromptu performance for one of Jay’s art shows. The song developed into a powerhouse eruption of electronic and rock through hardware with Julian’s guitar playing later to be performed at The Walls Art Space (Gold Coast) and Urban Art Projects (Brisbane).

Veople’s mission statement is to merge the organic and inorganic worlds of art, music and environment together. Maverick, as guitarist Julian Currie explains, is the apex of that movement.

The genesis of this song was an attempt to extend the mechanistic textures of Jay’s artwork into a 20-minute freeform cacophony of melting arpeggios and screaming guitars. ‘Maverick’ is vivid, immediate and disorientingly pummelling as possible. We will not be ignored.”

Once again, the duo handed the track over to Aaron Cupples of Civil Civic for mixing. Cupples’ pedigree includes credits for such acclaimed Australian artists as The DronesKirin J Callinan and Dan Kelly. Maverick wouldn’t bolster the artfully rendered chaos as it does without the thunderstorm drumming performance from Ben Smith. Having recorded with HatchiePLTSShacklesBlind Girls and Empress, Smith’s drumming prowess is pushed to the absolute limit for just under six minutes.

Maverick and previous single Tilt are the first taste to Veople’s debut, yet-to-be-named EP releasing later this year. The full release will continue the group’s penchant for impulsive audio-visual creations, paired to the ultimate and clear-cut vision.

Veople began composing music and quickly released their first single, Riveria, in 2015 to immediate success on FBi Radio and revered music blog, Hillydilly. This trajectory continued in the international market when signed to Los Angeles-based Danger Village Music Publishing the same year. Regular rotation on triple j Unearthed for follow-up tracks, ‘Distant Bodies‘ and ‘Youth Code‘, cemented Veople as a band to watch.

Influenced by the likes of Civil Civic, Japandroids and Digitalism, Veople began work redirecting their sound and, in 2017, were commissioned to produce new music by Super Souvenir as part of Bleach Festival and Festival 2018 during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Veople pressed a vinyl record, ‘Day/Nights’, that instrumentally translated the emotive nature of time and place as achieved in a 24-hour window on the Gold Coast.

Veople were also a recipient of the HOTA Creative Development Grant to produce new work in 2019, which culminated in a sold-out live performance at HOTA’s Outdoor Stage.

Maverick is available now.

An auditory cacophony

The arrangements are continually changing leaving no part at all boring
– Hillydilly (CAN)

Veople are proving themselves to be a real handy outfit that can go all languid and luscious while still keeping things tight
– Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed (AUS)

The sound of a circuit board melting under the pressure of excess data
– Tommy Faith, triple j Unearthed (AUS)

Interlocking lines of post-rock
– AAA Backstage (AUS)

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