NAKED GIANTS Unveil New Album ‘The Shadow’

Seattle trio Naked Giants today share their second studio album ‘The Shadow,’ released via New West Records. A culmination of experiences lived over a hectic three years of touring worldwide and meticulously honing their skills as songwriters, the album is an impactful release for Naked Giants as they continue to make their mark internationally as a dynamic group.Already, 2020 has seen Naked Giants release a slew of songs from the new album; leading with Take A Chance in June, High School (Don’t Like Them) and Turns Blue in July and more recently, the cracking (God Damn!) What I Am.

To listen to ‘The Shadow,’ you’re invited to get to know Naked Giants a little better. The record was made as the band’s live reputation grew around the world off the back of the release of their 2018 debut album ‘SLUFF,’ and tours with Car Seat Headrest (both as his live band and as main support band). The music that features on this album demonstrates maturity in songwriting, the further development of an already strong musical partnership, and a dive into a rich soundscape. Dictated by a wide range of influences from rock to post-punk and grooves in spades, ‘The Shadow’ is a journey of Naked Giants’ artistry – made to be immersed in.

“In the years since our previous album ‘SLUFF’ was recorded, we have toured around the world, honed our musical skills and found our own little place in the music industry – but we have also seen our share of shadows, and it is through acknowledging these shadows that we grow the most. Each song on The Shadow examines an aspect of this growth through a different musical lens, adding up to a series of rock and roll vignettes of light, shadow, anxiety and responsibility.” Naked Giants

The 11 track album was recorded in Portland, Oregon with Chris Funk of The Decemberists on production, Adam Lee (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks) on mixing and John Baldwin (Benjamin Booker, The White Stripes) on mastering duties. 

The music is frantic, fun and leaves rooms to explore experimentation amongst the tightly composed arrangements that come together seamlessly. (God Damn!) What I Am is a perfect example of Naked Giants’ all-in approach to playing with harmony, punk-tinged rhythms and gritty swagger. Chest thumping percussion and rousing vocals make the song perfect for sweaty live venues, primed for audience participation.

‘The Shadow’ plays with tone and mood well too, going from the punchy highs of Television and (God Damn)… to the more melodic and paced out sounds of The Ripper and Turns Blue. The album gives the listener time to breathe without losing momentum. 

“We threw in all our influences, from the usual suspects of punk rock and new wave to spaced-out 80’s balladry, fuzzy garage-metal and psychedelic desert folk (with synths and tape loops added to taste). And with Chris Funk leading the way, our somewhat scatterbrained sprawl of musical and conceptual ideas are tied together in an artful way.” Naked Giants

Steadily building up their reputation as a tremendous live act, Naked Giants were named Seattle’s best live band by The Seattle Times at the end of 2018 and Rolling Stone named the band one of the “30 Best Artists We Saw” during SXSW that year as well. 

‘The Shadow’ is available across digital platforms, on compact disc, and standard black vinyl. A limited Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl Edition will be available at Independent Retailers and is also available via NEW WEST RECORDS.

“A one-of-a-kind band.” 
Paste Magazine 

“Naked Giants might just be your new favorite band (we promise!).” 
Alternative Press

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