BLAKE DANTIER Shares New Single + Video ‘I’d Do It Again’

Blake Dantier has done it again with his new single I’d Do It Again. It comes in the wake of his single Ash & Dust, which spent nine weeks in The Music Network’s Country Hot 50 Airplay Charts, and two weeks in the Country Track’s Chart.  A fitting reward for an artist who was recently awarded the Country Rock Song of the Year at the Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards. It’s been a wild ride for Dantier, but this new release proves that he’s not a flash in the pan; instead, he’ll do it again and again.

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I’d Do It Again, Dantier says, ‘is about growing up, falling in love and making mistakes. It’s about owning those mistakes despite how much it might have messed you up at the time and being proud of who you are because of them.’

The writing of the song was quite different to Dantier’s normal process. ‘If I’ve got a musical idea for a song but haven’t written the lyrics yet, I’ll often sing something random to get an idea for a melody’ says Dantier‘but what comes out are normally nonsense ramblings. This time, I thought that it actually made sense, so I kept running with it. Every line in this song is whatever came into my head in the moment and it somehow managed to form a coherent lyric. I didn’t rewrite anything either to sort of honour the process.’

The single was recorded with Simon Johnson from Hillbilly Hut studios, who also took on bass guitar duties. He brought in Duncan Toombs on electric guitar, Rod Motbey on acoustic and Brad Bergen on drums, while Cass Hopetoun laid down the backing vocals. It’s a merry band for what seems like a personal song, but Dantier is adamant that his songs ‘don’t necessarily reflect my personal life – I tend to hear things out in the world and form ideas for songs around them.’

That said, Dantier always uses his personal experiences to help flesh out a story or concept. ‘Sometimes there’s only a little bit of me in there, but in this case, there’s probably more me in there than in any other song that I’ve written.’

The music video was filmed with Michael Carpenter, who set up a camera on each musician while they played the song as they normally would’ve. ‘Everything you see in the video is well and truly live,’ says Dantier‘It’s exactly the way we recorded it.’

It’s just as well that the video stayed true to the recording as Dantier, it’s turned out, is an incredibly compelling and emotional storyteller. His single Ash & Dust was described as ‘an incredibly heartfelt and emotive track’ by Good Call Live, who also admitted to having tears in their eyes the first time they listened to it.  And while touring the new single is off the cards for now, there’s no doubt that listeners will be experiencing some emotive responses to I’d Do It Again.

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