STONEFOX Mesmerise In New EP ‘As You Fall In’

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“Beautifully restrained indie-pop” – Pilerats

“There are numerous ways to create intimacy through music, and Stonefox know them all very well” – Atwood Mag

“Stonefox always give us sweetly airy tracks…which are just so perfect to bliss out to.” – Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

Melbourne’s electronic indie pop trio Stonefox have finally released their groundbreaking new EP, ‘As You Fall In’, the culmination of their 2020 release schedule and artistry to date. 

An in-depth exploration into relationships that consume you, the EP is an intimate memoir providing insight into the band’s collective psyche and compelling listeners to muse over their own relationships.

Released through Canada-based label Seeking Blue (under MrSuicideSheep) and recorded by Jean-Paul Fung (Client Liaison, Last Dinosaurs), ‘As You Fall In’ also draws together recent singles Lightning, Time, and White Caps with new cuts The Garden and Never Fight.

Each track alludes to pivotal moments and feelings provoked by different relationships – healthy and toxic, romantic and otherwise. From Lightning detailing feelings of betrayal and jealousy, to White Caps recounting the uncontrollable desire for a relationship that may never happen, to finally, Never Fight“a little glimmer that you’ve made it out the other side,” explains lead singer Jenna Russo. Their track The Garden also premiered via triple j Unearthed TOPS.

Despite the heartbreak and destruction, the resolve of the EP is learning from one’s experiences. “It’s about getting hurt, growing up and not giving in. Taking on what you’ve learnt to move forward, passing on what’s important to younger loved ones… in the hope they won’t have to go through the same pain,” Jenna Russo elaborates. This is especially highlighted in Never Fight, with some chatter from Jenna’s niece audible at the beginning of the song.

The band earned praise since their 2014 debut single All I Want,  which climbed the Hype Machine, Stonefox have grown from strength to strength, finding fans across the world for their unique brand of left-of-centre pop. After independently releasing debut EP ‘Surface’ to critical acclaim and enormous streaming success, Stonefox signed to MrSuicideSheep‘s Canada-based label Seeking Blue. Earning praise along the way from international tastemakers such as ForbesEarmilkMajestic Casual and La Belle Musique, the trio began touring extensively both alone and as supports for the likes of City Calm DownTimberwolf and Mosquito Coast. Overcoming their inability to tour given the epidemic, Stonefox also most recently streamed the debut performance of ‘As You Fall In’ live through MrSuicideSheep‘s YouTube channel.

Their 2020 releases – the result from 12 months of writing and planning – have hit home with fans and industry alike: earning close to half a million streams combined on Spotify alone as well as love from Acid Stag, Your EDM, Atwood MagazineThe Music and triple j to name a few.

 ‘As You Fall In’ is OUT NOW on all platforms


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