PLASTIC Release New Single ‘Baby Steps’

Building momentum for several years underground, Melbourne-based five-piece Plastic now stride into the light with Baby Steps and announce the upcoming release of their debut album ‘New Hands’ on September 29th via Spoilsport Records

Musically, Baby Steps is fast-paced with a charging groove. Crunchy guitars fizzle and pop animating artful melodies. While a tight rhythm section kicks in pushing, pulling, and staggering forward with precision. Lyrically, Baby Steps is a layered exploration of human endeavour and the absurdity of progressing into the perilous unknown or “baby steps on the sun.” 

Baby Steps is out today through Spoilsport Records. Available digitally on all platforms. Pre-order the album on vinyl or digitally here.


Artworks below by Richard Parry

Thanks to Spoil Sport Records

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