FEELSCLUB Release New Single ‘skin’ + EP ‘A Wave Inevitable’ Out Soon

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Brisbane’s FeelsClub are today thrilled to share skin, the third taste of their forthcoming experimental electronic EP ‘A Wave Inevitable’, to be released Thursday, 24th September. The new single further showcases FeelsClub’s flair for creating pulsating rhythms, ethereal electronica and dancefloor-ready pop.


Lyrically, skin sees FeelsClub dig deep and explore imposter syndrome and self-improvement, explains frontman St Jonnie:
“The lyrics themselves address the imposter syndrome you can face when you start to try and correct your behaviours.  Be it learning to call out your own toxic traits by choice or force, or just learning to understand what your personal boundaries are and asking others to respect them. All in all, it can be a very confronting thing.” 
“It’s like you have this whole new person trying to fit into and walk around in your old skin. It’s hard when you meet people you used to vibe with and they say some weird shit you used to agree with, because you lacked perspective and understanding, and then you just feel like… ‘Who even am I?’ ‘What is under this skin and does it even matter if people still just see and expect the old you?’ Life is weird.  Let’s try and be nice to each other and grow. Xoxo”
Alongside previous singles talkTALK and b) sober, skin began during the band’s Japan tour and was completed in St Jonnie’s dungeon studio with mixing and mastering by Alex L’Estrange. 
The change in direction comes after a fruitful last twelve months which has seen FeelsClub dominate festival stages at Yonder, Woodford, and Jungle Love, plus an at-capacity appearance at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl earlier this year. Coupled with shows alongside Client Liaison, Confidence Man, Ivey, and Miami Horror, the now-quartet are ready to show the world a genuine reinvention.


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