LA DISPUTE Release New Album ‘Panorama’ On Blu-Ray

La Dispute have released the Blu-ray edition of their critically acclaimed 2019 release ‘Panorama’ which features the album in 5.1 PCM Surround Sound (24bit/96khz) and Hi-res PCM Stereo (24bit/96khz). This one of a kind release, crafted for the ultimate enhanced listening experience, is offered via the band’s webstore, HERE.
”In the studio for ‘Panorama’, Will Yip said you should be able to stand inside the songs to hear every little thing we tracked—all the bells and whistles and echos and space—then spent a good deal of his free time for the next year making that possibility real,” explains vocalist Jordan DreyerWill’s passion/vision/work, on Blu-Ray with HD digital. Not everyone will have the capability to listen to this properly (I don’t), but to those who can or who collect, it’s special to us, representing the final culmination of a process that started Spring of 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI with the adjective “cinematic” written on a whiteboard, and we’d love it if you listened. All love to you, and to Will Yip, for planting and nurturing this idea from seed to fruit. Forever in debt.”

La Dispute continually push themselves creatively offering unconventional re-workings of their art. The ‘Panorama’ Blu-ray edition follows the remix version of the album that includes re-workings of the material from Hether FortuneKittyZeal and ArdorPeter BroderickNNAMDÏ and more. Additionally, the band had released an immersive desktop game experience for the record that transported users to a geometric world with intense landscapes and scenery that reflected each track on the record.
Formed 2004 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, La Dispute are responsible for some of the most uncompromising, experimental hardcore music of the last decade. From their 2008 debut ‘Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair’, to 2011’s ‘Wildlife’, to 2015’s ‘Rooms of the House’, La Dispute have continually pushed themselves to find new ways to portray some of the most difficult and universally affecting subject matters. The band’s 2019 release, produced by the band in tandem with return producer Will Yip (QuicksandBraidCode OrangeNothingTitle Fight) ‘Panorama’ is a highly ambitious and deeply affecting body of work that filters narrative storytelling through a personal lens. Most of what happens on ‘Panorama’ takes place on the route Jordan and his partner would drive from their home in the East Hills neighbourhood of Grand Rapids to the city of Lowell. ‘Panorama’ is perhaps La Dispute’s most diverse album so far, combining jazz, rock, slowcore, noise, hardcore among other influences over the span of 10 tracks.

La Dispute is Jordan Dreyer (vocals), Chad Morgan-Sterenberg (guitar), Adam Vass (bass), Corey Stroffolino (guitar), and Brad Vander Lugt (drums). 

“Panorama is another outstanding release from a truly special band.” – Kerrang

“Panorama skillfully and subtly creeps towards resonance rather than catharsis, an approach that can make even their own colleagues sound like they’re trying to cheat towards the big release.” – Pitchfork

“An exercise in tension and release done to the highest standard…La Dispute’s most impacting collection of songs yet.” – DIY

“…beautifully nuanced, masterfully dynamic compositions.” – Rolling Stone

“Panorama is a record on the highest tightrope.” – Upset

 “The feverish intensity of basement hardcore, but it also has the tingly grandeur of some of the best, most ambitious ’90s indie rock.” – Stereogum

“…beautiful chaos.” – NPR

“A patient and poignant return from La Dispute.” – The 405

Order La Dispute Panorama 5.1 on Blue Ray HERE.

La Dispute – Panorama // Epitaph Records – Out Now

La Dispute – Panorama Remixed // Epitaph Records

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