COMMODORE CHARLIE Release Cover Of ‘Round The Twist’

Commodore Charlie are a fiercely independent 5 piece Alternative Rock/ Hard Rock band from Sydney/Wollongong and they have hit our radar BIG TIME with their latest release.

Take a trip down your childhood/teenage years memory lane with their latest release, a cover of the Round The Twist theme song, an iconic Aussie TV show that aired on the ABC and ran from 1990 through to 2001. The show was created by the infamous and best-selling Australian children’s book writer, Paul Jennings. The original song was written by Andrew Duffield and sung by Tamsin West. The band’s cover was supported and encouraged by Andrew himself!

The song, for many of us takes us back to a much simpler time in our lives, racing home from school to chuck on the telly and munch down on some chicken two minute noodles while wrapping our eyes and ears around the latest episode of ‘Round The Twist.’ And oh how we laughed back then!

We were stoked to hear this classic given fresh life in a punked up, rocked up version from Commodore Charlie. Brilliant job fellas!

Check out Round The Twist HERE

And much to our pleasure, we’ve discovered that not only have they done good things with this cover, but they’ve got some stellar original music too. Follow the guys and tune in to them here:

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