Survey Explores Local Gold Coast Music Industry Training And Skills Needs

New data is being captured about the Gold Coast music industry and its skills and knowledge needs.

Gold Coast Music Awards director Chloe Popa said the analysis of the sector’s training needs will inform future networking, skills and professional development events.

“The long term goal is to provide the local music sector with contemporary skills so that they can better navigate the industry and any future challenges that might arise,” Chloe said.

The survey, made possible through City of Gold Coast’s triennial grant to the Gold Coast Music Awards will capture data from at least a hundred people working in the local music scene. Musicians, publicists, venue operators, retailers, music teachers, event managers and bookers are amongst those expected to respond.

The survey evaluates past networking events and asks respondents to provide input into future events. In the past three years, Gold Coast Music Awards has run more than 15 industry events, attracting more than 600 individuals who work in the local music scene – whether as musicians or across the range of services which support the recording and performing of original music.

The survey closes on Sunday 15 August and anybody with a genuine connection to the local music industry is welcome to contribute their opinions.

“The local music sector has seen some serious growth in recent years,” Chloe said, “but we’re conscious that many artists and music businesses are now pivoting their enterprises as a result of COVID-19.”

“It’s a good time to take stock and review what sorts of knowledge and skills we need to focus on in coming years.”

To complete the survey click HERE

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