PREMIERE: MR ÖRION Shares Debut Single + Music Video – ‘I Have Come From Far Away’

Mr Örion is the alter-ego and brainchild of Brisbane based musician and free spirit, Gareth Graham. Today, Mr Örion unveils his debut single, I Have Come From Far Away, along with a visual journey through the forests and the depths of his creative mind in his new music video.

Mr Örion tells the story of a time and space travelling pagan who landed in a forest in the 1970s and has never truly escaped. Not that he minds, though. This earthly experience has granted Mr Örion the chance to sing his ancient songs of atmospheric Blues and Folk, hoping one day they will guide him home to the sky. 

“I have come from far away, far beyond the distant skylight. A traveler of time and space, ancient songs I sing upon the night” 

I Have Come From Far Away is the first glimmer into the magical, musical mind of this self confessed dreamer and passionate lover of music, nature and all the elements of the world that are organically and aesthetically pleasing. It was only a matter of time before Graham was to venture on his solo musical journey as Mr Örion and gift the world with his storytelling and song.

Graham is also known for his roles with Folk Metallers, Dragonsmead (Keyboards/Keeper of Colourful Dragons) and Atmospheric Black Metallers, Elkenwood (Vocalist/Guitarist/Pianist).

Written, Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Graham
Mastered by Levi Damiris
Artwork by Gareth Graham
Photography by Isabelle Rickards
Videography by Gareth Graham, Isabelle Rickards & Megan Rose Randall
Video edited by Gareth Graham

I Have Come From Far Away is out now exclusively via YouTube and will be available on other listening platforms in the near or distant future. To stay in the loop, follow Mr Örion here:

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