Q&A’s: ‘Catatonia’ + ‘Humanoid’ With Kyle Williams Of Babirusa + The Colourful Writer

Words/Interview by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Brisbane’s Deathcore darlings, Babirusa are hitting it hard as hell with their brutally beautiful and righteous releases, drilling their way into your ears and hearts with their boar-like growls, guttural vocals and heavy as hell music chock full of blast beats and more breakdowns than I’ve had so far this year (and that’s been a substantial amount cos 2020 can pretty much get in the bin, am I right!?)

The guys have recently unleashed their latest single, Catatonia which has been on high rotation on my playlist since its release and are set to unveil their debut album, ‘Humanoid’ on August 28. I sent off some questions to one of the frontmen, (yep there’s two), Kyle Williams about the new single, the upcoming album, the huge response to their debut single, Desolation System, who some of Kyle’s biggest influences are and more! Read on…

Your latest single, Catatonia is just so brutally beautiful, I love it. Tell me a bit about the track and about the music video? I believe you were the director/producer/videographer and editor of the video? I love the lyrics to this song too, who wrote them?

Stoked you dig it! Catatonia is the 4th track on the album and continues the story of character 343 as he’s plugged back into the cybernetic world and is experiencing a complete sense of fear and confusion.

Yeah! I shot and edited all of the music video during quarantine, driving to each member’s house to film their parts, it definitely made the lockdown go quickly editing that clip for about a month.

Rheese and I will usually sit down together and bounce ideas back and forth to structure out the concept and then we’ll write lyrics together. We do sometimes bring lyrics we’ve written ourselves to the table and brainstorm on what we can do with those too though.

Prior to Catatonia, you released Desolation System, your debut single, tell me about that track? You had such a huge and positive response to the single, that must have felt amazing?

It was definitely mind blowing to see such a great response to our first single for sure! Made us very keen to show everything else we have.

Both Catatonia and Desolation System are from your upcoming debut album, ‘Humanoid’, which I have had the pleasure and honor of already listening to (I will be reviewing it soon!) The album is all kinds of amazing. Tell me about the album? You must be really looking forward to unleashing it into the world?

‘Humanoid’ is focused around the story of a central character, known as 343, and his journey between reality and the cybernetic world. As he is pushed and pulled through a series of events involving a sinister artificial intelligence, 343 is left to ponder his own existence and what it means to be human.

It’s been a long but fun journey writing and recording the album and filming the music videos, there will definitely be a feeling of relief when it’s finally out and everyone can listen to it.

The album artwork is seriously awesome, it was done by Pedro Sena, who has worked with a long list of awesome bands on their album artwork. How did you come across him and decide he was the one you wanted to create your album art?

I think we first noticed Pedro’s artwork when he did the Brand Of Sacrifice art and once we saw all of his other work as well we knew we had to have that style with our concept.

You guys have got some super cool merch bundles going too, you can pre order the album along with shirts, beanies, shorts, hoodies, etc. I have pre ordered mine already! Tell us about your merch and let readers know where they can order some?

Thank you so much! We worked hard on making sure we had quality merch items for the album release and we’re very happy with how its all going so far!

We made sure to have the traditional album art shirt which features the artwork Pedro Sena designed for us, along with a front and back print shirt that features a design by Dane Evans of Hearteater.Co/To The Grave. The front and back print shirt has the lyrics “Mind Shattering Madness” from our 2nd single ‘Abomination’ on the back and a cartoon depiction of character 343 holding his head as his mind is shattering.

Good quality moshies feature two things; pockets and a drawstring, and we made sure to have both. Mosh pants are basically useless without a drawstring if you’re trying to carry your phone and wallet, but don’t stress with ours, we gotchu.

Beanies for me are a year-round piece of clothing, so we had to have those too!

Our hoodies are personally my favourite piece of merch though, I always wanted to have our Year of the Pig design printed on something other than shirts and I’m beyond stoked with these!

We’ve also said amongst ourselves that we’ll take turns having pop-culture type designs, so this time Tate got his turn and he’s chosen a Power Rangers cross Babirusa design for a tshirt

Get your Babirusa merch and music HERE

Babirusa is a Brisbane band, and we are proud to call you our own. How do you feel about the Brisbane Metal scene? Who are some other local bands who are killing it right now that you love?

The Brisbane metal scene seems to have dried up a bit in the recent years with bands not lasting too long or just going quiet entirely, but I do feel like it’s slowly making a comeback with more heavy bands popping up around Brisbane again.

How did Babirusa first come into existence? Were you all mates before you formed the band?

Yeah we were all friends before forming it! Dean and Tate are the original members, starting Babirusa roughly 6 years ago, then Rheese, Rangi and myself joined 2 years ago.

Babirusa has two vocalists. I love that, what’s it like sharing vocals with Rheese? Do you feed off each other on stage?

Having the two vocalists allows us a lot more freedom in creativity when writing vocal phrasing and recording layers. Yeah you could say that! Hearing good vocals gets me pumped so having Rheese there definitely keeps me amped up haha.

When did you know that being a vocalist in a Deathcore band was what you wanted to do? Who inspires you? Who are some of your biggest vocal influences?

When I was younger I just wanted to be able to sound like the vocalists I was listening to. When I finally got it I was just in the right position and was lucky to have people around me who played instruments and I just followed that course and it’s seemed to have led me here!

All the bands that I see putting in the effort and time inspire me to be the best I can and to push my band as well.

I’d definitely say Alex Teyen of Black Tongue inspired me to start learning “deathcore vocals” with low gutturals and all that. Luke Griffin from Acrania was probably the first person I ever heard do a pig squeal and I was blown away, I had to learn that one as soon as I heard it hahaha. And Rheese himself! Knowing that someone from my area was that insanely good at vocals and watching him live at the lab would be the best stage presence I’ve ever seen.

Will the band tour around the album release – later down the track when restrictions have lifted and it’s safe to do so?

Absolutely hoping to! Looking into what’s available as we speak.

Who would you love to tour with?

Within Destruction, Shadow Of Intent, Vulvodynia for suuure.

I feel like it’s only the beginning for Babirusa, you guys are bound to go far, where do you hope to see the band in the next few years?

Another album or two released with lots more insane video content definitely, and with a lot more live shows/tours under our belt!

Pre order/ Pre save ‘Humanoid’: HERE + HERE + HERE

Babirusa are:
Rheese Peters – Vocals
Kyle Williams – Vocals
Tate Senhenn – Guitar
Dean White – Guitar
Rangi Barnes – Drums

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