CURTIS WATERS Shares New Single ‘The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same’

Very rarely does an artist come along, out of nowhere, that is able to instantly connect to an audience on a global scale, thus embarking on a journey as an internationally recognizable name within a matter of weeks. Curtis Waters is that artist. 

Since uploading his debut video and single Stunnin Ft. Harm Franklin to the internet, the 20-year-old Nepal-born artist, producer and songwriter Curtis Waters’ debut song has already amassed a staggering 80 MILLION PLAYS, including over 50 MILLION STREAMS on Spotify alone (Sydney #2 most listened place), and is currently averaging over 1.5 MILLION COMBINED GLOBAL STREAMS DAILY.

“My songs reflect how I feel that day,” Curtis notes. “I try not to box myself in. I listen to so much music and I soak so many different influences in, so I’m a product of everything I’m into. I’m into so much random stuff and I want to bring it all into the Curtis Waters universe.”

True to his word, Curtis Waters has revealed yet another side to his artistry today, with the release of his latest track The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same. Demonstrating a softer side, Curtis draws from his own mental health struggles, dealing with his bi-polar disorder and life as a young adult in the modern world. 

He candidly reveals, “I wrote this song about a close friend of mine that I was seeing in college. I wrote it after I dropped out of college because of my own health issues. I stopped talking to everybody and couldn’t message her anymore but I wanted to say thank you, and sorry. I knew I was getting sick and I secretly knew I was dropping out of college soon. The last night we saw each other I planned a really special date. I wrote her a letter, I bought her flowers and chocolates and I took her to a movie. It was supposed to be really romantic but I was on a lot of medication for my bi-polar and they made me really sick so I couldn’t even watch the movie, I just kept throwing up in the bathroom all night. “

I was nervous she would be mad or disappointed, but instead she stood outside and waited and wasn’t disgusted at all. She was really kind and supportive. It meant a lot. I felt really cared for. And then we never saw each other again. After I dropped out, most days I would reminisce about what happened and the mistakes I made. I hope she’s doing good, and even though things may have ended bad between us. The feelings don’t ever go away. The song is a bittersweet thank you/apology letter that I wish I could say to her face. I wrote it hoping she would be curious enough to search me up and listen to my song about her and understand what happened and how I felt about the situation.”

Listen to The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same HERE
Watch the video HERE.


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