ALBUM REVIEW: Midnight Fuckboys – ‘Greatest Hits’

Words by Carly Gibbs

If you stumbled across the press photo of Brisbane’s energetic, indie rockers Midnight Fuckboys, you would be forgiven for skimming past thinking it was a photo of the new interns at the local law firm.  A respectable shot that a Mother could be proud of.  But underneath those pressed suits and questionable tie choices lie five, hot-blooded, 20-somethin’, “Fuckboys” (apparently, Midnight Nice Guys was already taken, according to their insta page) who have worked hard to release their debut album ‘Greatest Hits’.  The album explores themes of desire and the debauchery that youth so often brings and will be hyper relatable to those living it and those reliving it through the lyrics alike.  ‘Greatest Hits’ is out today and you are going to want to give it a good going over if you like the sound of it so far.  

The first track Bow & Arrow has a sunny feeling to it with a riff that would fit in nicely with that UK indie sound if it wasn’t for the distinctly Aussie accentIf you can imagine something between The Stone Roses and Babyshambles then you might get a feel for this track.  The lyrical content is a timeline of sorts with the song beginning full of youthful bravado, later taking a downhearted turn with the realization of friends growing up and moving on whilst you are somewhat left behind.  

The driving beat of Harry’s Never Had a Girlfriend was the first release from the album and has since clocked up over 400,000 listens on Spotify, so it’s safe to say that this is a fave for fans.  Its rocky, disco beat is a surefire way to fill the dance floor with sweaty, boozy, bouncy punters all with mile wide grins, no doubt!  It starts with lyrics about Harry’s girlfriend dumping him but evolves into the all too real conversation between the band and a label who tells them they are “shit at best” and that “we’ll never play you ‘cos your name’s Midnight Fuckboys”.  

Goon and Juice.  Australia’s version of Snoop’s Gin and Juice…but better because It’s 100% relatable!  Goon and juice is a deadset rite of passage for Aussie’s and this is such a fun two and a half minute, cheery banger that will have your whole house party singing in slurred unison after a thrifty box or two.  “Coolabah, Fruity Lexia, pour me a cup.  It goes down your throat so easy.  You’d know!”.  If you’ve never been sozzled on goon and then slept on the silver pillow, you don’t know what you are missing.

“Why are you going home so early?  You fucking pussy, it’s only 3…”.  The desperate cry of someone who is deep into that bag of goon, ready for a big one when all of your mate’s flake and are ready to go home.  3am is a respectable time to retire after a night out for most, but now the clubs have closed and it is a sledgehammer to the heart of the one who is keen for kickons.  I feel this deep, deep in my soul. 

Under Your Spell  is next up and there is something about this track that is all Australian pub rock, in the best kind of way.  It has Midnight Oil moments and the opening riff is reminiscent of Lenny KravitzFly Away.  It is a perfect foot stomping, beer drinking tune.

A heartfelt love song is found in Stumbling Drunk.  It has straightforward lyrics but echo’s many a love gone by that I’m sure, most would have experienced once or twice before.  

Once again, Out of Luck is delivered in that personal yet humorous way that is distinctly Midnight Fuckboys.  Self-deprecating honesty with a rockabilly/doo-wop flavour, punchy beat and harmonised backing vocals makes this a favourite on the album.  

Lucky last track for the ‘Greatest hits’ and I am a little taken back at first.  The vocals seem more mature on this track which sits so nicely alongside the piano and the restraint that the rest of the boys show in the composition of this song.  It’s a really beautiful way to end out the album and for all of its bolshy, party antics this showcases a softer side.

Considering Midnight Fuckboys have coined themselves “Commitment Issue Rock”, it seems that they are pretty committed to making kick arse tunes and putting the effort in where it really matters.  Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Smith Street Band and FIDLAR, already having a slew of gigs under their belt and now a debut album shows just how their hard work is paying off.  Keep an eye out for a gig near you because you are going to want to skull some goon and get a little sweaty with these guys.  ‘Greatest Hits’ is out today!  Go listen.

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