SARAH GOODWIN Releases New Single ‘Look Forward’

Rockhampton turned Brisbane pop princess Sarah Goodwin releases new single Look Forward out now after leaving a trail of sweet pop singles over the past year with new releases Waste My Time and Darker Shades taken from her debut EP ‘If I Revealed’ which is due out later this year. 

Sarah explains, “Look Forward is a song that delves into what it means to find a friend who just clicks with   you straight away! Packed with sweet summery pop vibes, this lil bop has you reminiscing of older times and dreaming of new adventures with someone special! It’s a celebration of friendship and all of the things you look forward to doing with them! It’s about think-ing you’re at the end of your rope of finding your best gal pal but then she shows up out of the blue!”  

Born in the smaller town of Rockhampton in Central North Queensland, Sarah spent most of her childhood sitting in the front lawn writing down song ideas. Sarah was busy working two jobs and writing fifty songs before relocating to Brisbane and having her debut EP produced by Aria Nominated Stuart Stuart (Sheppard, The Veronicas and Dean Lewis) at Analog Heart Studios. Sarah delves into how this change in her life helped bring about the song,“When you move from a smaller town full of friends to a larger city like Brisbane, some-times it can be a rather daunting to find a new friends circle when you feel like a fish out of water. Whilst I met a few nice people and made some friends, it felt like I was on cloud nine when I finally made my “ride or die” friend. Once I met her, it made life so exciting! Suddenly my nights in watching Netflix where swapped with laughing till our heads hurt in our cars.”

Drawing inspiration from Anne-Marie’s track 2002 to incorporate the bright, lush vibes that are present on the track, Sarah explains that Look Forward was one of the most enjoyable to record as it is one of the favourite tracks she’s written. “When a song just clicks and has a good vibe, the recording process can go so smoothly. The hardest part of this recording was that we did it when Covid-19 was starting to kick off. The week before the studio, my producer and I were sending each other voice notes till 1am to make sure we got a lot of the finer details sorted so I could just go in and record! It was a crazy week.”



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