Melbourne’s New Blood DRACOREX Set To Release Next Single

Melbourne rock n’ rollers Dracorex have announced plans to release a new single on the 17th of September. The new track, titled Running Hot, is a reflection of supercharged, well-oiled nights on the town. It brings the promise of catchy hooks; a more upbeat atmosphere to the group’s previous releases. Listeners will hear themselves thrust into the passenger seat on a Dracorex led night out, filled with party antics and good times.

The East Coast’s attention has been drawn to them since their triumphant live debut at former rock n’ roll oasis, Globe Alley. The band have continued to turn heads with frequent releases, a strong online presence and a zero-f@#ks-given attitude, which has been consistent since they launched in January.

With four releases so far, the most recent of which being I Can’t Say No in May (available on Bandcamp), the group have maintained their momentum, working diligently and constantly behind the scenes. Even the COVID-19 crisis has failed to slow them down.

Check out our recent Zoom chat with the guys HERE

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