MARDI WILSON Doesn’t Put Labels On New Song ‘Part Time Lover’

“reminiscent of the sentiments and whimsical soundscapes expressed throughout the likes of Lorde’s breakout record Pure Heroine, with vocal delivery akin to Kiwi up-and-comer Robinson and Australia’s own pop golden girl, Amy Shark.” – Music Is My Muse on Don’t Stop

An energetic and captivating solo performer, Mardi Wilson is constantly inspired by the people in her life and her natural surroundings to create music which continues to resonate with audiences as she travels and plays. Since returning to Brisbane after some tours in December 2019, Mardi has been enjoying gigging locally and working on recording her debut album. Her most recent releases Runaway, Don’t Stop and Astronaut are just a taste of what this album has in store. Being able to finally play some shows around Queensland, Mardi is releasing Part Time Lover TODAY, with The AuReview having already given it a premiere – HERE.

“I would hope if anyone listening to this song feels like they are being/ have been taken for a bit of a ride as a “part time lover” – they realize that they are not alone. I hope that this song speaks to those people and makes them feel empowered and important. You can’t help it if someone treat’s you like shit, but you can decide that you deserve better.” – Mardi Wilson

Almost anyone who’s been in (or not in) a relationship has had a “thing”, not quite a relationship, not just friends. Mardi’s new track was written about wanting a friend during a hard time, but as it turns out, the relationship was nothing more than a part time “thing”, as she explains, “I wrote this song back in 2018 after being in a “thing” with someone for the better part of a year. I was going through a pretty rough time with some health issues and ended up in hospital, it was a time that I really needed a mate, so I decided to reach out to this person for support… The reaction that I got wasn’t what I expected and that really caused a lot of hurt for me. When I eventually got home I went straight for my guitar and started letting it all out. I actually wrote two songs that afternoon and this was the second – Part Time Lover.”

Recorded at Blind Boy Studios with producer Brad Hosking, they shared instrument duties with Mardi covering percussion, drums and some guitar with Brad adding in beats, guitar solo’s and backing vocals. Holly Neilson from Paper Hands (@paperhands_) created the single art for the track. 

A raw and authentic one person show, Mardi Wilson is a Brisbane based musician, touring relentlessly to share her unique alternative folk style and emotive lyrics. The last two years have seen Mardi embark on three separate independently planned tours of the East Coast of Australia. In between shows in capital cities and regional towns, Mardi would hop from campsite to campsite in her home on wheels, gaining inspiration and connecting with nature, often accompanied with her dog Luna and frequently adding to her ‘cooking with Mardi’ video series along the way. 


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