BRIZSTREAM Live Music Events Presents ‘Outbreak 1’

BrizStream Live Music Events in association with Heavy Magazine are proud to present the first BrizStream event on Saturday July 25th at the Mansfield Tavern. The event will be LIVE streamed for viewers to enjoy from the comfort of their own home with limited tickets available to come to watch the event at the venue. 

BrizStream is a new live music project created by a group of like minded music industry stalwarts with various skills, who individually and collectively, passionately support the live music scene in many ways. Your BrizStream team are Kris Peters (Heavy Mag)Geoffro O’Leary (PistonFist, Brisbane Bodyart)Jimmy Robertson (PistonFist, Mansfield Tavern) and Daniel Trickett (Like Thieves, Sunset Junkies). With COVID-19 kicking live music in its teeth, the four got together to create a real live stream performance platform that delivers high quality, 100% live (no edits!) show that you can easily watch from home. Due to some restrictions lifting, there are also a limited number of tickets available to attend the performance in person.

The live stream also includes LIVE interviews between sets hosted by Kris Peters (Heavy Mag) and Shannon-Lee Sloane (Good Call Live + The Colourful Writer) to provide constant entertainment for the entirety of your live stream experience. 

The live stream is streamed via Heavy Mag’s new project ‘Heavy Streaming’ and for this event you can purchase your live stream tickets HERE for just $10. 

Tickets to attend the event in person are just $20 plus booking fee and can be purchased HERE.

Outbreak 1 is keeping it local (#supportlocalmusic) with four of Brisbane’s finest Heavy Rock + Metal bands ready to hit the iconic ‘Rock Arena’ stage at the Mansfield. 

BrizStream Live Music Events – Outbreak 1 with Odius, DisKust, PistonFist and Massic. 

Vid by Empurata Productions.

Odius: Thrash Metal Warriors. Last year saw the band with a new line up and a renewed drive to deliver their ‘Odisian Metal’ to the masses. It’s all about the fast paced shredding, riffs and zealous aggression this talented four piece can deliver. A band who delivers a live set that will leave you wanting more, Odius are Lucas Blackburn (vocals + guitar), Sam Faggioni (lead guitar), Zaac Thompson (bass) and Chalky Hill (drums).  

DisKust: Nu Metal Maniacs. A band that emerged from the darkness and into the spotlight as soon as they formed and very quickly gained a cult-like following. A recent line up change has seen the band keen to come back harder than ever and ready to wreck necks like only they know how.
For fans and new listeners alike, DisKust will deliver a live show you’ll not forget. DisKust are: Bo (vocals), Bones (bass), Jayce (guitar) and CJ (drums).

PistonFist: Heavy Rock Kings. Their own ‘Petrol Rock’ sound has won the hearts of many Rock fans since their inception. Their ‘no bullshit’ approach and dedication to their music and movement is well received by anyone who tunes in. You may have seen them on your TV recently on the classic Aussie program, Blokesworld. And if you haven’t yet caught them play live, now is the time. PistonFist are ready to rock. PistonFist are: Geoffro O’Leary (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Robertson (lead guitar), Link Bossman (bass) and Wade Marsen (drums).  

Massic: Heavy Groove Metal Masters. Without a doubt, one of Brisbane’s leading Metal bands. Their music is full of aggressive passion, delivered in the most sublime way from a group of extremely talented musicians and creative visionaries. Massic are a band that simply must be experienced live. Massic are: Simon Russell-White (vocals), Chris Butler (guitar), Shayne Patch (guitar), Rashid AlKamraikhi (bass/ backing vocals) and Alan Mahood (drums). 

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