THESE IDLE HANDS Unveil Debut Album ‘Petrichor’

Ever tune in to a song or an album that moves you so deeply you feel a part of the music itself? 

These Idle Hands, Gold Coast Alternative Folk seven piece have unveiled their debut album, ‘Petrichor’ and it’s an album that envelopes the listener on such a deeply emotive and moving level, that you almost become one with the music itself. And this is something not many bands can easily achieve. 

The album features twelve tracks full of storytelling poetry in their lyrics with music played by talented musicians who collectively deliver sounds that you will feel deep in your heart and soul. With rich, deep vocals from frontman, Murray Webber reminiscent of a mixture of Nick Cave, Paul Kelly and Leonard Cohen backed by the stunningly crystal clear, strong, unwavering vocals of Amaya Coburn similar to that of vocalists such as The Waifs’ Vikki Thorn and Mama Kin. An ensemble of instruments played like an extension of their bodies from the band including banjos, guitars, slide guitar, double bass, piano and drums. Combined, These Idle Hands have an alchemy through their collaboration and music to offer the world. 


The definition of the albums title, ‘Petrichor’ is ‘a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.’ The album was recorded at Lovestreet Studios with Scott French and mastered at 12th and Vine Post with Paul Blakey.

These Idle Hands formed in mid 2019 out of a recording session for Webber’s previous project Heron Blue, which was a duo with Linda Angledal. Vibing on the sound they were getting on that recording, Webber then formed a band with Kieran, Michael and LaurenJosh and Amaya joined a little later. With Webber being the principal songwriter on this album, presenting the songs to the band to add their parts before each one was complete and made into the songs you hear today. 

‘Petrichor’ is an album that deserves your time; complete, focused and uninterrupted time. To sit with a bottle of wine or whisky, by the fire or a heater during a cold and windy winters day with nothing but time for this musical offering. For it is truly a gift from the heart, cracked open, raw, honest and true. A personal, but relatable series of songs; a journey of emotion. Tune in, here, now. 

“I keep my photos in an old camphor chest, 
one my mother gave me when I was just twelve, 
along with a pool cue and an old rusty sword, 
my grandfather kept these things throughout the war, 
I held them with warm tenderness, 
the self indulgent guide to my truth, 
to keep some connection to you…
But if I still bleed, you’re bleeding too.”

 Blood Ties

These Idle Hands are:

Murray Webber – Vocals/Guitar & Banjo 
Kieran Richardt – Slide Guitar & Banjo
Michael James – Piano & Double Bass
Lauren Illig – Violin
Josh Morris – Guitar/Vocals
Amaya Coburn – Vocals
Scott French – Drums/Recording Engineer

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