GLASS OCEAN Release New Single ‘Bolero’ + Video

“a river of thick melodies, hooks, itty bitty guitar leads & a sound that’s catchy & welcoming.” The Music 

The kind of band that’s hard to describe without making tasteless allusions to coital interactions most men dare not dream of”  –

One of Australia’s most prominent up and coming acts, Glass Ocean have fast become key players on the global progressive scene. Today, the band release the video for third single, Bolero, from their highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else’ which will be released on August 21 via Wild Thing Records.

The track is dialled back and more sublime than the albums first two singles. Showcasing Glass Ocean‘s ability to intertwine soulful groove, restrained passion and an almost 80’s power-pop ballad feel.

Vocalist, Tobias Atkins says of the video; “During the shooting of the video for Bolero, the country was right in the midst of its strictest lockdown measures. This made production requirements difficult to obtain. The silver lining was a chance to get creative with minimal tools, crew and sets. So my mum and I used what we could under the corona restrictions to come up with something we were really happy with. Along with the amazing editing skills of our chief of visual Adrian Goleby we ended up with something simple and vibrant.”

Of the track Atkins says; “Bolero represents the sentiment and understanding from being rejected. That attractive soul across the room may not want to dance with you. It may be because of their preference, or it might have something to do with how you represent yourself. How is it that you express desire and engagement in the outside world? Is it the real you or something else? Expressing the truth, with no filter or mask will attract something greater than impulsive desire. Maybe then the real dance can begin.”

‘The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else’ draws you into the waves of vocalist Tobias Atkins’ heartfelt storytelling, which is escorted by trance-inducing heavy grooves, clouds of futuristic synth layers, and far-reaching, punchy guitars. Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Blancato (Northlane), Glass Ocean’s new record also showcases the continued collaboration with ex-founding member Nic Pettersen (Northlane) who co-wrote album tracks VoyageA Dream From Which I May Not WakeSoul SlumberDividePride, and Almaida. Swaying smoothly between genres and influences, the record ushers the listener through the compelling emotions and energy of Tobias Atkins’ personal narrative and magnetising vocal performances.

‘The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else’ started out as a concept narrative record which evolved through the creative process into an honest exploration of personal themes. Vocalist Tobias Atkins elaborates: “The band set out with a vision to write a specific story. However, it became difficult to force a narrative that wasn’t the truth. Instead, something entirely different emerged. The real beating heart of the album, the idea that the songs were the remnants of losing yourself in someone else”

The album delves deeply into the highs of love and romance, and spirals further into an underworld of loss, tragedy, and malevolence. Tobias explains: “We build structures, only to tear them down. What was once there is gone, and replacing it is the remnants of who you are and who you wanted to be; a never-ending dialogue of forces subordinate to an ever-changing ideal. For better or worse, they exist here by the will of your own creation, through which we journey to find a covenant within ourselves and the world around us”.

Glass Ocean’s distinctive sound has seen fans and critics captivated by their hypnotising blend of eccentric rhythms, reverberating guitar motifs, and off-the-wall pop sensibility engulfed by soulful, anthemic vocals. 

Formed in the summer of 2013, by vocalist Tobias Atkins and Northlane drummer Nic Petterson, the band recently added new Melbourne based members Nguyen Pham (Circles, AlithiA, Enlight), and Julian Dobric (Sentia) spreading the band’s current home base across both Sydney and Melbourne.

Glass Ocean have attained a reputation for being one of Australia’s most unique and must-see acts since performing compelling sets on the PROGFEST 2019 Australian tour alongside international heavyweights The OceanMonumentsSkyharbor and many others. The band has also embarked on several of their own headline Australian tours as well as shared stages with high profile acts such as SeetherWolfmotherTesseractAnathema and more, growing a die-hard following across the country. New recruits to the Glass Ocean line-up include Melbourne based members Nguyen Pham (Circles, AlithiA), and Julian Dobric (Sentia).

The group’s innovative sound has garnered praise amongst industry circles, receiving a nod of approval from established international artists such as TesseracT and Polyphia, as well
as scoring Triple J radio airtime and Tobias being interviewed on the Channel 9’s Today Show in Australia. The band’s early releases Glass Ocean – EP (2014) and II – EP (2015) cumulated the band’s online following with impressive music videos clocking up over 200,000 YouTube views.

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