Interview: Dracorex Zoom Interview With The Colourful Writer

There’s a new band that’s hit the radar of the Good Call crew and they’re hell bent on bringing the passion back to Rock n Roll. Melbourne’s Dracorex are fairly new to the scene but have quickly found a following in their hometown and beyond. A four piece of dirty, heavy, passionate Rock n Roll all wrapped up in leather, velvet, black jeans and luscious locks. These guys have got something really special going on and we are sure that if you’re not already a fan, you will be now.

Shannon-Lee Sloane – AKA The Colourful Writer had a recent Zoom chat with two of the members, frontman/vocalist, James Brennan and guitarist, Rick Grimm. The guys have recently released their latest single, I Can’t Say No. Our interview touches on the new release, their rapid shoot to a steady fan base, their time in lockdown without live gigs and who their ultimate Rock God and Rock Goddess is! All that and more, right here, right now!

Check out our full Zoom interview right HERE:
With thanks to our beautiful video editor, Myra Stoertzer

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