KOBRAKAI Are Back With Another Hard Hitting Track ‘FATHOMS’

Live photo by Satiu Photography – taken at The Rompa Room  – Gold Coast

Gold Coast’s Grungy Desert Rockers, Kobrakai are following up on their recently released ethereal single, Planets, with another hard hitting new track, Fathoms. If you loved its predecessor, be prepared to have your head blown off with this one. Fathoms sees the guys delve into the depths of what is going on in our world right now. A peaceful protest against some things that are not right in our world, “The time has come for change…” 

The song was born organically, during a jam session one night. Cloudy delivered a riff and the rest fell together as the three creative, musical minds combined and everyone found the groove and flow of the song. Fuzz then brought the lyrics to the mix, with words that started as a protest in line with the ‘Stop Adani’ movement but then became even bigger than that, as the lyrics really covered a lot of the current issues, problems and devastation our world is currently facing. Using their music to spread their words for the greater good, Kobrakai not only gifts fans with another pelter of a rock track, but one with a message. 

“Water is life and you’re draining away
To leave us with nothing but utter decay
People are fighting and venting dismay
And more is the need to want to inveigh 

Dig down deep as you wanna
Coz it’s only gonna be your grave
Don’t poison the well like you’re gonna
Y’all stick around for the heatwave…”

The guys worked with the same creative team for Fathoms as they did with Planets. Fathoms was recorded at Core Studios with Nik Carpenter and mastered by Paul Blakey at 12th and Vine Post. The lyric video was created by Palabara; an artist who the band speak highly of “The mysterious Palabara seems to be on our wavelength when given the brief for the videos we want. Once again, the imagery is so poignant with what’s going on the world at the moment. Carnage and unrest is the common theme of the clip…”

Fuzz says “This song leaves me bristling. The riffs are gritty and the lyrics are angry. Not being the main dude for vocals, I learnt a lot about using my voice and how the recording process works. Nik is the man. Then the video happened – and like our last one ‘Planets’, the visuals blew my mind. Palabara gave us what we’d hoped for. We are working with some very creative people with this new material”.

Cloudy says “It’s true, Down’s ‘Nola’ album was on the menu when I came up with the chorus riff and guitar harmonies one weekend. I’d always liked that southern metal sound and thought that we could integrate some of that into a new song. When we jammed it at rehearsal we also agreed that it could be cool to offset that lush chorus idea with a series of riffs that held little to no melodic appeal at all. With Fuzz’s gravel-tinged vocals firing at you through the speakers, I’m pretty happy with the final product, and Palabara’s stark visuals add a final menacing touch”.

In closing, Loco says “We, like most of us, are taking in the current world events as spectators in disbelief. We live on our planet of such beauty for a relatively short life span yet there seems to be no regard for preserving it for the next generation. Collectively we can make a difference. We can no longer rely on our leaders”.

Kobrakai are:
Cloudy – guitar + vox
Fuzz – bass + vox

Loco – drums

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