LUKE HOWELL Makes Exciting Return To Music With Debut Single ‘Stuck On You’

Luke Howell is a seasoned musician whose sugary vocals and boyish charm have garnered him international attention over the years. In spite of this, his connection to his Aussie roots has drawn him back to the Gold Coast to create the laidback, mellow tunes that pay a heartfelt tribute to his life.

Luke has been working on Stuck on You upon his recent re-entry into the music scene after spending two years travelling overseas, collaborating with and finding inspiration from countless talented musicians during his explorations. This frank singer-songwriter is now in the midst of writing the rest of his soul-pop-influenced EP to follow this record. Self-produced by Howell and up-and-coming Gold Coast Producer Josh Beattie, Howell explains “the song kind of came naturally to us. After recording about 5 songs that day, we came across this punchy bass line that moved us all in different/interesting ways. For what started out as lyrically sad, the groove of the record was anything but that. It evolved into to something magic and we knew that we were on a good path.” 

Howell has already gained invaluable experience within the music industry, including two years spent living in the USA working with UMG, Warner and Sony Music in separate deals. Following an identity-forming stint in 2012 X-Factor boyband What About Tonight, Howell signed with CreateTV in LA which gave rise to opportunities working with some of the world’s best producers and songwriters along the way. Now ready to burst back onto the scene in an exciting new chapter, Howell reflects on the creatively refreshing experience of recording of Stuck On You, explaining “it was such an inspiring time for me within my own music. It was my first initial transition into real artistry, actually being able to pick and play what I was hearing up in my head and translating that into the record you hear today.” The influence of James Bay and Matt Corby can be heard on Stuck On You, with the debut single giving fans plenty to get excited about. 



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