TORIZON Return With Powerful Rock Anthem ‘Find My Way Out’

Brisbane rockers Torizon have unleashed their new single Find My Way Out, premiering yesterday in the US at New Noise Magazine, and HEAVY Mag in Australia,  featuring a guest performance by producer Robb Torres of Trapt fame.

Never one’s to shy away from serious issues, Torizon has penned their most defiant anthem yet, with No Way Out dealing with the complex theme of gaslighting and emotional abuse.

Empowering the victim to take control and leave the relationship that they find themselves in, the tune acknowledges the hardships faced by so many, resulting in a cry of resistance and courage – and it comes from lived experience.

Say’s front-woman Mish Sharma on the track, “I wrote this song after coming out of an emotionally abusive musical relationship. I did not realise that I was a victim of gaslighting to the point where I prioritised keeping the peace over my physical and mental health.

After ending that relationship and taking some time to reflect, I came to terms with how the abuser erodes your self-esteem a little at a time in such a subtle manner that you don’t feel it happening. When you bring up your concerns, you end up getting blamed for it or accused of being overly sensitive or overreacting.

“This behaviour can continue after the relationship has ended which was the case in my personal experience. I continued to get abusive messages, my email was hacked a couple of times after I decided to cease contact and take my power back. I want people to know that if you find yourself in a similar situation, find your way out because you deserve love, happiness and safety

For more in depth information on their new release and much more – read our recent interview with Mish by Tracey Moyle, our Music Maven right HERE

With their recently released live cover of Korn’s Thoughtless, which hit almost 5K views and gained worldwide attention in less than a week, Find My Way Out is a strong follow-up unveiling Torizon‘s darker and heavier sound.

With plans to record their debut album in Los Angeles (COVID-19 permitting), the band have a busy year ahead of them. Stay tuned for more music from Torizon soon!

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