Words by Carly Gibbs

Melbourne band LUNE are beating down the front door on the house of heavy and making themselves comfortable on the couch with their own captivating class of Metalcore that is as ethereal as it is bone-crushing. 

2019 was the year that saw LUNE take its earthly form.  Newly formed they may be, but by no means are they naïve and wide-eyed to the scene, with the band including members Krys Smith, Nathaniel Smith and David Freeland all formally of I, VALIANCE and drummer Harrison Mills of Blind Oracle.  They’ve also brought bassist Tyler Hendley into the fold to complete this cohesive team of musical savants.  This Friday the 12th of June see’s the release of their debut 5-track EP ‘Ghost’ and you’ll want to warm your earholes up for this one.  

The EP opens with the title track Ghost and is bludgeoning right from the get go.  Haunting atmospherics and whispered screams lead you down a dark path to a wall of sound as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face.  The refrain somehow brings you back a little from the brink with a softened but pained melody.  “Remember my face, I want to know that it didn’t go to waste” sings Smith before once again spiralling into manic aggression and a barking call of “Remember my name”.  

Misery Dialogue keeps the intensity up and is vicious and other-worldly all at once.  The chuggy heaviness of this track is spiked with melodic respite and has a darkened groove to it that gets you moving in all of the right places and offers up a tasty little breakdown for good measure.  


Ooof!  Manipulator is as meaty as the hind quarter of a fattened swine.  Its leviathan stomp and visceral energy is intense and it offers up another super solid breakdown to round out the end of the track.  Pangs of longing for live shows creep in, as I’m sure it would absolutely obliterate in a live environment.  The vehemence and rawness of this track is absolutely palpable.  

The intensity doesn’t stop there as Modern Bones opens with a scream that would literally tear the skin from your face if it was aimed in your direction.  It starts in such an utterly ferocious way that you could be forgiven for preparing yourself for more of this unrelenting heavy-fest but this track offers so much more.  Stunning melodic harmonised variations and sampling make Modern Bones a sophisticated and emotional track.  

The final track on ‘Ghost’, Mirror Image, follows on in this vein and is brutally beautiful with evocative and eerie soundscapes that are an undercurrent for the upfront savagery that it also presents.  A perfect way to close out the EP.  

LUNE lean towards the heavier side of metalcore with deathcore making a cherished appearance throughout and will appeal to those who may be looking for a bit more grunt than what some of their metalcore brethren and sistren are offering.  ‘Ghost’ is filled with diversity and technical proficiency and is a fantastic example of how varied and complex the world of heavy is to fit just into one box.  Definitely worth a listen. 

You can pre-order/ pre-save ‘Ghost’ HERE

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