Words by Jade Hopley Reiche

“This fresh duo are a sisterhood to be reckoned with. Georgia Corowa & Waveney Yasso make the ultimate duet, both of them seasoned performers in their own rights having travelled the world throughout their careers. Their sweet as honey harmonies, & silky smooth rhythms are sure to take you on a journey. Black Salt’s original music is powerful, healing, warm & rhythmic. With the simple blend of harmony & a six string, Black Salt recite the unwritten books of their ancestors.”(source www.blacksaltduo.com)

Way back at the beginning of the year when the world was a far different place, before Covid 19 hit our shores, before lockdowns, when live music was most certainly appreciated but definitely taken for granted. I attended a gig for Good Call Live to review one of my all time fave local artists. Little did I know that I would be discovering a new favourite local act. Black Salt Duo are one of those acts that stop you in your tracks, I remember walking into Mo’s Desert clubhouse that night seeing these two strong indigenous sisters sound checking and already my mind is blown. I was pumped to see the set and I was not disappointed. They harmonise perfectly and exude a unique energy, its strong and powerful yet also filled with all the good vibes.

Since the gig I have been very impatiently waiting for the first release from this dynamic duo, and today I awoke to the news that it was now available on all the streaming services. Black Salt is an acoustic soul delight that delves deep into issues of racism, and indigenous rights, envelops you in warmth and sisterhood solidarity, filled with positive vibes and all entwined with stories from the oldest living culture on earth. Its an absolute delight to listen to, its unequivocally unique and exciting.

In light of the current political climate all around the world I want to start with a strong story, about Australia’s dark history, Enough’s Enough is a song about the fight against systemic oppression and racism in Australia against the first nations people of this land. “Beautiful one day, perfect the next, living in the sunshine state”, One of our most famous slogans, but there is a dark side to the sunshine state. This is a song about duality, about being surrounded by beauty and love, but also about being black in a white world, about craving for the healing of the people, but how can the healing happen when there is still so much fighting to be done for the rights of indigenous people. Its powerful and confronting and it’s the song we all need to hear right now.

Take me home is a story Black Salt tell (I know I keep referring to these songs as stories, but they really are more than just a song) about embracing their beauty, about owning their strength as black women and encouraging other sisters to be proud of their heritage. Its about loving yourself and not conforming to societies beauty standards. Georgia and Waveney have an innate way of taking you on a journey through song, they show the depth of knowledge and understanding of the oldest living culture on this planet.

Sis I got your back is a song about the strength of sisterhood, about sharing stories and strength and love, its another song sprinkled with dual tones, metaphorically relating the strength of sisterhood to the strength of a tree, and of the earth that they are so connected to through culture.

I could talk on about every song but I’ll leave it there and let you discover the rest for yourselves, I implore you to take the time to find a quiet space, kick back in nature with the sun shining down, put on the headphones, turn off the phone and just listen and learn. This is not just an album of beautiful songs (because every single song is absolutely stunning to hear), it’s a lesson on culture, on womanhood, strength and resilience. What are you waiting for? Go listen! We would love to hear what songs resonated with you the most!

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