Q&A’s: ‘Just You Wait’ With Aaron Bach Of Fancy Face

Words/Interview by Kate Lockyer

Fancy Face is a brand new 5-piece indie rock band from Melbourne that formed just last year. Since then, they have already released two new singles. Their latest song, Just You Wait, came out just a few weeks ago. Influenced by artists like Dope Lemon, The Growlers, and The Murlocs, they are out playing their music to connect to real people and have fun making friends. Their sound has the grit of classic rock with a good helping of blues thrown in the mix. I sent off some questions to the band about the new release and more; lead vocalist and guitarist, Aaron Bach has sent back his responses, read on below!

Just You Wait, your latest single, came out recently! It’s a seriously catchy bop. How are you feeling about the new track? How did it come together?

Cheers! Yeah we are really enjoying the feedback one this one. It’s also one of our faves to jam out to. This track came together in a very similar way to our last single, and for the most the rest of the EP. It started with a groove and chord progression and then kinda snowballed from there. We’ve been very fortunate to have Alex Markwell in our corner to bring these tracks to life. He really helped mould the vision and sound together.

What are the origins of Fancy Face? How did you all meet each other, and when did you decide to start a band together?

Myself and Alex Zielke had played a bunch of shows together on the same lineup in the past with our old bands. We split with those bands around about the same time. We both really wanted to keep doing the music thing. He played drums, I played guitar so we were able to start jamming pretty much straight away. The vibe was sick so we took it to another level and started putting a band together. I had never fronted a band before but felt it was something I wanted to have a crack at.

Julia and myself played in a band together a few moons ago that never really got off the ground. So our connection was already pretty strong. Sean and I had jammed together over the years here and there and are pretty good mates so when I put the project together he was keen to get involved. Alex Orr is that guy everyone kinda knows. He’s played in a bunch of rad bands over the years (and is still in a few of them) we had a bunch of mutual mates too. He also used to make my coffee at the local.

I’m intrigued by your sound and I’d love to get to know more about the band members. What is a three-word description for each of you?

Julia – funky, feisty & fresh.

Alex Orr – Relaxed, handy & flannelette (lol)

Alex Zielke – Positive, clumsy & funny

Aaron Bach – Driven, fun & sarcastic

Sean – Quiet, humble & passionate

I can see some parallels between your music and artists like Dope Lemon or DMA’S, plus a real classic rock vibe. What are some musical influences on your style?

Sick. We’ll take that!

It’s pretty cool you mentioned Dope Lemon, not only is that a band we totally dig but Aaron actually ran into him while cutting a demo at a rehearsal space in Brunswick. It was pretty cool to meet that fella and have a chat!

We have such a broad range of music tastes in this band… some of us are still listening to bands from the 70’s (on rotation hahah) and some of us listening to newer bands. Overall bands like Teshe Stones, Black Keys, Growlers, Dope Lemon have had an influence on us.

I really got into the super lush guitar riffs from Slip Up, the debut single you released back in February. What inspired it? Being your first release, was there a particular sound or vibe you were going for?

Yeah cheers! That track is a part of the the EP we’re putting out so I guess the influences for us are definitely the same across the EP. That track definitely had a Black Keys moment.

What’s your process with songwriting? Is there someone in particular who takes a lead on this, or is it a whole-group collaboration?

How the songs start and how they can almost come from two different worlds. I can be messing around with an idea at home with a guitar. Jam it with the band then take it to Rudy (Alex Markwell) and we pull it apart and re write the whole thing hahaha. The there have been times where the tracks are completely cooked up in a demo sesh with Rudy.

How have the current crazy world circumstances played out in isolation for you? Have you maybe connected in different ways or are you ready for things to be back to normal?

For the most part we are all fine! Kinda just looking out for our family and friends and keeping in touch with each other. Thanks for asking 🙂

What’s on the cards for Fancy Face at the end of the pandemic? What can we be looking forward to?

We’ve got some more music on the way. Hoping to get back out and gig soon and hit the studio later this year to lay down some more music.

Fancy Face’s latest song Just You Wait is out now, and I know I’ll be looking forward to hearing what’s next from these guys!

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