Q&A’s: Feeling ‘Uneasy’ With Verticoli’s Sam Hunn + The Colourful Writer

Words/Interview by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer

Melbourne Alt-Rockers, Verticoli have recently released their latest single, Uneasy and it’s been on my daily playlist since I first heard it. I really dig these guys. Their sound lends itself to the 90’s Grunge, Alternative Rock & Punk I knew and loved then and still love now. Verticoli manage to bring a raw, rough and dirty Rock/Punk sound and yet at the same time it sounds polished, perfected and tight. And in my opinion, that is the makings of an awesome Rock band.

I sent off some questions to frontman, Sam Hunn about the new release, his influences, genres crossing over and what it was like supporting bands like DZ Deathrays. Read on to find out more and stay tuned to the bands socials for the possibility of more new music soon! (I’m keen as a bean for more Verticoli! Bring it on guys!!)

You’ve recently released your new single, Uneasy, tell me about the track?

Uneasy is a revamped track from a while back in our early gigging days. It was initially inspired by the band Papa Vs Pretty who are now defunct. I wrote it a number of years ago before re-arranging it in the last year. The song is about the identity crisis that can occur in big transitional periods in your life. It was inspired by pulling out of my first uni degree after a semester which also coincided with a girl I had stopped seeing. I took a different course after that and ultimately for the better.

Is this new single from an upcoming EP or album? If so, can you tell me more about that? 

Stay tuned. We’re looking to get back in the studio soon to record two more tracks to round out an EP. But that plan might change.

When did Verticoli form? Were you all friends before the band formed or did you find each other through your music?

Verticoli initially was a completely different band started by my brother James and I. Then our old school mate Will Colvin got in on the action, we kept the name, and stopped writing songs that sounded like they came out of a motocross video game. That was in 2013.

You guys are originally from Tassie. But now based in Melbourne, when did you make the big move? What made you decide to move to Melbourne? What is the difference in the music scene in Tasmania and Melbourne? 

I moved to Perth in 2018 for work, and to Melbourne in 2019 for work. Colvin was in Melbourne, and after playing together with a different lineup of excellent musicians for a couple of years, we decided to get the original drummer back in the band and recruit Jeremy. Before that I had definitely resigned myself to Verticoli being done.

The Melbourne scene is so much more established. Hobart is great in that bands from eclectic genres play together and it’s a nice small community and a lot of fun. Dog Dreams from down there are one of my favourite bands. Melbourne is certainly hard to crack into. We definitely haven’t cracked it.

On your Facebook page your genre is listed as Rock, but I also hear a slight Punk influence in your music (especially in the new single), do you have a love for Rock and Punk? 

Fuck yeah! At the Drive In, Fugazi, Cloud Nothings, Quicksand, poppier bands like Millencollin are all influences. We gravitate to the post-hardcore elements of punk. I would argue punk is more an attitude taken to rock music. Punk as a genre can be pretty limiting.

Who are some of your biggest influences? Who and what inspires you with your music?

Original influences were Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, all the bands you love growing up if you play guitar. Later on got into more punk, metal and diverse stuff. Karnivool, Tool, At the Drive In, You Am I are enduring influences. Bands like Death and Metallica are awesome and there’s a lot of inspiration to be taken from jazz and how you can push boundaries which I think can totally be applied to rock music.

Are you missing playing live with current restrictions on live music? What are you doing to ‘scratch that itch’ right now? What is helping you get through these strange times? 

Fuck yeah. Nothing quite scratches that itch. Binge eating and PlayStation are acceptable but pale substitutes.

I read that you guys have supported the likes of DZ Deathrays, Cog, The Delta Rigs and more awesome bands and artists. What is the first memory that comes to mind from playing alongside some of these bands? 

How great they were as people. Not Delta Rigs, they were flogs, but DZ and Cog were great. We loved when DZ invited us to their room to drink some vodka.

Who would be your absolute DREAM band or artist to support? 

Pearl Jam or Queens of the Stone Age. 

Who are some local bands you’re loving right now and would like to give a shout out too? 

Dog Dreams, Great Australian Bank, Wither, The Wiggles.

Have you guys played a show in Brisbane before? I’d love to see you live here sometime! (once restrictions are lifted of course!) 

Yeah, we’ve rocked Brisvegas! Twice in one trip. We played Ric’s and the New Globe Theatre (R.I.P.).

Thanks for the chat!

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