BLAKE DANTIER Shares New Video For Single ‘Ash & Dust’

Blake Dantier has released the long-awaited video for his single Ash & Dust, which was added straight out of the gates to ABC CountryKix Country and Australian Country Radio after its release in late April.

“I wasn’t initially going do to a clip because of social restrictions,” says Dantier“but we decided last minute to pull together a small crew. We had a general idea in mind about how the clip would look, but decided exactly what spots to shoot in on the day.

The video was directed by Bruce Dawson and shot by Lawrence Lim – both from Tribal Apes – in and around their studio at Fox Studios“Bruce showed us some spots that he thought would look cool,” says Dantier“and he threw it to me and Cass [Hopetoun] to pick the final list.

The end result is a dark, moody clip that does justice to the lyrics, which were inspired after Dantier’s family friend passed away from cancer. Dantier says that “the lyrics just poured out“, while Good Call Live described Ash & Dust as taking “my breath away with the pure emotion felt upon listening,” and “a song with so much heart, it brought tears to my eyes.

While Dantier has proven a deft hand at emotional storytelling, it was Bruce Dawson that spearheaded the visual narrative. “He had this vision for a massive light streaming through the studio window,” says Dantier“so he used probably a fifth of the budget hiring this big-ass light. He put it outside the window on, like, a 5-metre-high stand just blasted it through to the inside, which is what makes that great effect seen in the dark scenes.

That’s not to say everything went perfectly to plan during filming. “I was really hanging out for some KFC but it took us all afternoon and night,” says Dantier. “We shot for so long that KFC wasn’t open by the time we got there.

And while Dantier’s dreams of fried chicken may be ash and dust, things are looking much better when it comes to his future music. Though unable to tour for obvious reasons, Dantier has, he says, “a few new singles that I want to release” as well as an album down the track, which is fantastic news for fans of both Ash & Dust and his previous release, Mary Jane.



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