EP REVIEW: R U N – ‘You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’

Words by Thom Hawk

R U N is a new Australian project built on several collective decades spent toiling through success and failure within the Australian heavy music underground. A duo compromised of vocalist Lochlan Watt (former live member of Thy Art Is Murder/Psycroptic) and guitarist Mike Deslandes (YLVA/High Tension), they pull together extreme metal fury, hardcore accessibility, and the heady contemplation of post-rock into a sound that you’ve likely heard in various places several times before – just never quite blended together like this.

Watt’s new project R U N came to existence out of necessity. After a year of repeatedly intense personal upheavals, Watt formed R U N as a vessel for catharsis. He found solace in long-time collaborator Mike Deslandes when they were both surrounded by death, anguish and suicide. For them, R U N was more than just a band – it was a vital lifeline set to become so much more than that. Following a seizure and subsequent discovery of brain cancer, an even more urgent sense of desperation was distilled into the recording as the literal grappling of life-and-death enforced a deadline before the scalpel blade came down.

Today R U N release their debut EP ‘You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’. Each song is full of raw emotional power that comes across in the lyrics, Lochlan’s amazing vocal talent, Crushing riffs from Mike and fast heavy drumming from Joel Taylor (The Abandonment/Galaxy). The EP has classic roots intertwined with a brutal modern style and it is a combination of all the best heavy genres.

What is special about this EP is that each of the tracks, make up the title of the EP; For You, Will never, Find Peace, Within, Your Quiet. The song that stands out most for me is Within. The power in the vocals and the heavy, melodic riffs combined with small pauses of eerie sounds makes the song truly memorable and emotional. There’s a section just over halfway through that gives me chills each time I listen to it. I’ve mentioned this a fair bit but the emotion behind this song and every song for that matter is stunning and moves you.

For You was the first single released from the EP. Right from the get-go its full steam ahead, melodic riffs with complementing brutal vocals. Will Never pulls no punches for the entirety of the track; we are treated to Lochlan’s screaming vocals and melodic riffs with accented harmonies woven throughout. Find Peace is everything we love from heavy music, there are heavy sections which are contrasted to more quiet melodic parts, but then we are right back in the brutal vocals and crushing riffs. The concluding song of the EP, Your Quiet is a culmination of all the emotion of the previous tracks. The opening lyrics “This is the final punctuation” brings the EP home to the final stretch. The guitar beautifully mirrors the lyrical melody adding depth to the song. Your Quiet is the perfect ending for this stunning and emotion EP.

‘For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’ was produced and engineered by Mike Deslandes (Pagan/The Nation Blue/Iron Mind), mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Northlane/The Amity Affliction), with session drums provided by Joel Taylor (The Abandonment/Galaxy). Artwork is by Patrick Galvin (Architects/AB Original).

Overall, this EP is a brilliant piece of work and I am super excited for more people to hear it. I really hope there is more to come from the powerhouse that is, R U N.

‘For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’ is available here:

Pre-order: https://runmetal.bandcamp.com/
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24bE4oaYhxo&t=738s
Listen: https://lnk.to/runmetal

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