Q&A’s: Pure Milk’s Lewis Nitschinsk On New Single ‘Pressure’

Words/Interview by Sam Townsend – Melting Wax Photography

After a mega 2019, Gold Coast quintet Pure Milk is back with another new single – Pressure.  A follow up to the frenzied yet dreamy Conversations released in March 2020, Pressure shows Pure Milk continue to push themselves further whilst maintaining those beautiful coastal musings the band have become known for. 

Pressure sees Pure Milk working with acclaimed producer Brad Hosking (Amy Shark) and Paul Blakey (Amy Shark/IVEY) on mastering, resulting in another strong single with a subtle country feel.  

Pressure was released today! (May 28). I was fortunate enough to have an early listen to the track and send off some questions for Lewis Nitschinsk to answer concerning the new release and what we can expect from Pure Milk in the future.

Listen to Pressure HERE

Tell us a little bit about what Pressure is about? I read that it is about anxiety. Anxiety is something a lot of people suffer with and especially now with everything going on in our world surrounding COVID-19 , it’s quite an important issue to touch on and talk about. Was the song written in relation to anxiety around current happenings? 

Pressure is about that day-to-day anxiety, the kind of stuff that bubbles and simmers underneath everything else in your life. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint but it’s always there, slowing building up, causing havoc in your head. We started writing this song nearly 3 years ago so it definitely came from a very different place than the predicament we’re all in now, but it’s definitely still relevant, maybe more so than ever! 

What was the creative process like for Pressure?  

Yeah so this song has been sitting in the back catalogued for a long time. I think we’ve tried to record it a good 3 or 4 times but for ages it never sounded right. We tried everything, different sounds, different keys but things just never clicked so we parked it. Honestly at the time I thought the song was done, relegated to sit on some old hard drive for the rest of its days. Dylan on the other hand still thought it had potential so at practise one day Dylan started playing this Canned Heat-esque drum beat and I started playing Pressure over the top and it all clicked, everything fell into place really quickly. 

To follow on, how has the creative process for the band changed recently (or how has it been adapted during these challenging times)?

It’s been tough, we’ve only just started practising together again, 3-months of not getting to play music with your friends was a pretty horrible experience. In saying that being able to work from home has meant I have my guitar next me nearly all day everyday which is a bonus, when an idea pops into my head I kind of just pick up my guitar, turn on my phone’s recorder and make little demo’s. There’s a bunch in there now so hopefully something of value can come from it, I’m keen to jam them all out with the band properly in the next few months.

To me, Pressure has a bit of a different sound to some of your previous music, a certain maturity to it; would you agree? Was this a conscious choice or perhaps more a natural evolution?

Ooh I’m not sure, I definitely think we’ve become more confident in our song writing and what we want to convey. I’m not sure if it was a conscious effort or just the fact we’ve been doing it for a few years now. If anything I’m definitely happier with the sound we’re producing, it’s closer to the sound that I ‘want’ or always envisioned Pure Milk to be. 

Pressure reminds me of The Mountain Goats and Bright Eyes; were there any particular influences when making this single?

Oh man I have loved John Darnielle’s work for a very long time, I think he’s been one of the major influences since day one really. On Pressure once we got that drum beat down we knew we wanted it to be this country-esque indie song while filtering through some dissonance, some uncertainty underneath it’s bright, bubbly exterior. Writing the lead guitar parts probably took the longest, I remember me and Dylan were listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend (‘Contra’ specifically, good album) and just throwing out a tonne of different ideas so I think they may have influenced the final product too. 

To follow on, who are your main influences when it comes to finding and designing your sound?

From a songwriting perspective I’ve been hugely influenced by the likes of Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Kevin Morby and Julia Jacklin. At its essence their songs are just so simple yet so damn good. I only started playing guitar and singing when I turned 18 so I guess complexity in my music has never been something I strive for. Honestly I just want to write music that 16 year old me would fall in love with, if I do that I think I’m doing alright. 

 Whose music are you really enjoying at the moment?

This year has been great. I’ve been really vibing the new Perfume Genius record, the delicacy of his voice is just something else honestly. Also really enjoying that new Fiona Apple record, I obsessively listened to ‘The Idler Wheel’… in high school so it’s nice to finally see more music from her! Oh and the new Strokes record. 

What are you looking forward to most when shows/touring can resume?

Haha oh I don’t know, all of it I guess. Being on stage is easily the funnest thing in the world and I know the crowds are going to be wild once gigs can started up again. Mostly I just can’t wait to be out at bars drinking with friends and fans, nothing beats that.  

 What advice would you give to other bands during these strange times?

Just keep writing, keep creating, if you got extra time to play guitar and record music do it. Also send me your demo’s I want to hear them!

 Finally, a recent Instagram post alluded to new music from Pure Milk – what can we expect next?

All I’ll say is 2020 is going to be a busy year for Pure Milk and we definitely have a lot more music to show you guys! 

Pressure is OUT NOW – Listen/Purchase HERE

Pure Milk are:
Lewis Nitschinsk (Vocals/Acoustic) 
Dylan Lindquist (Vocals/Lead Guitar) 
Nathan Asquith (Bass) 
Joel Berechree (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) 
Brayden O’Gorman (Vocals/Drums)

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