PREMIERE: PURPLEZAIN Releases New Single – ‘Monster’ Feat. THE SILENCIO

The PurpleZain Group + The Silencio

Today, Gold Coast Electro-Rockers, The PurpleZain Group unleash their latest T-Pop track, Monster. Known for their perfect team ups with other brilliant bands and musicians, this time, PurpleZain teamed up with Gold Coast Alt-Rockers, The Silencio to deliver an epically prodigious new release set to be blasted at full volume from stereos and headphones by their fans and new listeners alike. 

The PurpleZain Group bring a unique twist on your standard Electro-Rock, forever creating, combining genres and sounds, pushing boundaries and serving up music that proves that not everything has in fact, been done before. 

Monster was originally performed by South Korean boy band EXO. The song was written by their label’s in-house producer and songwriter, Kenzie. Monster is the lead single from The PurpleZain Group’s second T-Pop era (Tweed Pop – Korean Pop Music). It is the predecessor to the bands first T-Pop era, the 2016 release of ‘The T-Pop Mini Album’ featuring the single and their Gold Coast Music Awards nominated music video I Am The Best (originally by 2NE1)

The music was produced and mixed by PurpleZain in his home studio, vocals were recorded by Liam Kriz (Blind Girls, Empress) with mastering by the Aria Award winning, Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone).  

PurpleZain explains the shared vocals in the track:

“Every member of The Silencio provides vocals in the song. Nick is an incredible singer and having him share the lead vocals forced me to lift my singing game. The other members provide harmonies and vocal fills you can hear through the track.”

And gives us some insight into their take on Monster

“The original Korean lyrics follow the theme of how obsession for a woman has turned the singer into a Monster.  Therefore I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of an obsessed stalker, sprinkled with a healthy dose of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs by the time he gets his hands on the girl. Because the concept is T-POP (Tweed Pop) I usually incorporate lyrics about Tweed Heads into the songs, but I didn’t do it for this one as it was just too much fun writing about a psychopath, and I don’t want to think about a person like that in my hometown.”

The video was filmed at a location as unique and special as the song itself; at a friend’s home on a hill in Tweed Heads. One of the only old, original houses left in the area, surrounded by million dollar high rises. It was filmed and edited by Luke Sorensen of Liquify Magazine (known for touring the world with Suicidal Tendencies as their videographer.) This is the second time PurpleZain Group have worked with Luke, he previously filmed and edited their video for Boundaries feat. The Wrath.

Monster is available now on most listening and streaming platforms. 

The PurpleZain Group give us their thoughts on the exciting new release:

PurpleZain: “The best thing about T-Pop is that every song  already had 100 million YouTube views, yet barely any music fans in our local underground scene know the songs. So it’s like we are releasing our very own pre-ordained certified smash hit.” 

Jodie:Was an absolute pleasure working with The Silencio boys on Monster. And our friends old Queenslander where we shot the clip couldn’t have been more perfect. Can’t wait for everyone to see this craziness.” 

Schasha:It was a great experience for me to dance in the Monster film clip as I’ve never danced to Kpop music before. To learn the routine was quite challenging but it looks awesome! Love the energy love the spirit! Zain would be screwed without us as he’s such a bad dancer.”

Lauren: “Filming the monster music video was really fun and a great learning opportunity for me. The whole Kpop thing is new to me but I enjoy making up new routines and we are really happy with what we created for Monster.”

PurpleZain Group are:
PurpleZain – producer + vocals
Jodie Maloney vocals, live keys + percussion 
Schasha – dancer
Lauren Neale – dancer

The Silencio are:
Jan Nicholas Blom – vocals +guitar 
Dylan Brann – keys + guitars + vocals 
Jared Day – bass + vocals 
Kurt Winter – drums + vocals

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