ALBUM REVIEW: Currents – ‘The Way It Ends’

Words by India Raine

‘The Way It Ends’ will be available everywhere on June 5th through SharpTone Records.

‘The Way It Ends’ is Connecticut Metalcore band Currents’ second full-length album (they released an EP in 2018 after their 2017 debut album ‘The Place I Feel Safest’). With years of touring around America and Europe with big names in the scene such as August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, We Came As Romans and more, Currents are strong, well-practised and ready for the release of the album. If you like artists such as Architects, In Hearts Wake, and Northlane, you will enjoy this album – and if you don’t know of Currents, you soon will.

Imagine you’re swimming out at sea on a stormy night as constant, mighty waves crash upon you. You’re surrounded by the motion of the waves and you find yourself caught in the middle of the huge storm… Currents’ music captures you like the ocean captures its victims in a rough storm. They are a force to be reckoned with, their energy is magnetic, and they mean business.

The album begins with clean guitar tones that echo eerily around you, so much so, it makes your mind feel empty. Then, those eerie yet calming tones become contrasted with frontman Brian Wille’s vocals that roar through the echoes. The poetic lyrics take the lead as you become drawn into Wille’s almost spoken-word tone.

The track is called It Was Never There, and it sets the emotions of the album up perfectly; anger, sadness and then followed with strength. The song builds suspense before finishing earlier than expected. It leaves you wanting more as the song fades away after the lines “Because the place that I feel safest, it was never there, never there at all. As the song comes to an end you are recaptured instantly by another wave crashing upon you. That wave is a different kind, a song by the name of A Flag To Wave.

A Flag To Wave, as told by Brian Wille, is about the search for identity and purpose.

This song goes out to anyone looking for meaning in their lives and to those who have already found it. Over the last four years, we have travelled the world trying to make a name for ourselves — playing shows with some of our favourite bands and touring all over the United States, Europe, the UK, and parts of Canada. We’ve been met with various hardships along the way, but have also been met with unprecedented kindness, support, and friendship that we will cherish and appreciate for the rest of our lives. There are no plans of stopping and with our new record, we plan to hit the world harder than ever.

A Flag To Wave was released as a single in April of 2020 along with a music video of the band performing the song in a live setting. The intro is like the sound of rumbling thunder, and the vocals are the lightning strikes. Currents are a strong fury of energy – an electrical current, you could say – and this song is a prime example of what to expect from them both live and recorded. In the classic Metalcore style, there is a mix of harsh vocals combined and contrasted with clean vocals, a breakdown, a time signature change and a chorus with a strong hook.

Hooked on the album already, the next song Poverty Of Self, that was released as a single in November of 2019, rages on.

“Poverty Of Self is a stab at predatory enterprises taking advantage of the sick & broken for profit; driving further division in our already fractured world…” Wille said in 2019 upon the initial release of the track.

Following this song is Monster. An angry song from the beginning, it is exploding with emotions. The lines “I gave you everything, you spat it back in my face, it never meant anything.” introduce the heavy breakdown with Brian Wille’s guttural screams adding fuel to the fire. Towards the end of the song there is a melodic solo, and then unexpectedly, a second breakdown – even heavier than the first. Monster finishes with the lines “I gave you everything.” screamed with such anguish you can’t help but feel a sense of grief with them.

Track five, Kill The Ache, begins with gentle electronic keys that sound like balloons gently floating through the air – that is before the guitars, bass and drums kick in. The gentleness has been popped by the sharp blades of the band’s instruments. The musicians behind these hard-hitting instruments are guitarists Chris Wiseman, Ryan Castaldi, bassist Christian Pulgarin and drummer Matt Young. Kill The Ache is a powerful song all the way through.

The album finishes on the track Better Days. This song feels as if they’re giving the listener every last bit of their energy and emotion. It finishes the album off beautifully. The chords ring out victoriously and the album fades to its end.

All 11 tracks on ‘The Way It Ends’ are musical explorations of deep emotions that most people can’t express eloquently. They have truly moulded their anger and emotions into a fine piece of art work. There’s a beautiful balance of many contrasts on this album; from raw screams, to clean singing. Reverbed guitar tones, to the striking chords and distorted riffs. Lyrics of anger and sadness, to searching for purpose and self-belief. Put it together and you have a great Metalcore album for your heart and soul. Put it together and you have the band Currents.

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