PREMIERE: AMELA Releases New Video For Single Pertinent To Current Times – ‘I’m Alright’

Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela has built on her new soaring pop sound, following up from first single Blame with I’m Alright, a song perfectly timed to ruminate on the state of the world. The song was recorded by upcoming Gold Coast producer Josh Beattie who also helped record the video for the track which features Amela in a colourful accompaniment to the song.

Amela explains that “I’m Alright went through two different versions: a folk/indie and then the electronic-pop version but I feel that the second version is more true to what I’d like to include on the album. The recording process was quite smooth – we ended up keeping the demo vocals in there. I sang the vocals after teaching one day when I was feeling particularly tired so I think it added to the feel of the song well.”

The new track from Amela was inspired by Allday, with Amela explaining she originally wanted to pitch the song to Allday to collaborate on “I think when I was writing the song I had his sort of melancholic electronic vibes from his song ‘In Motion’ in my head so I wanted the final mix to resemble this track a little bit.” Having released her debut album in 2017 Somewhere in Between, Amela began to receive national airplay on Triple J and regular rotation on community radio stations throughout Australia with her single Push & Pull. Already possessing a long list of achievements, Amela has been sampled in Allday’s Codeine 17 and has collaborated with diverse international electronic producers including Astre, Clovr, as well as Sydney rock band Bad Pony.

Now more ambitious than ever, Amela hopes her upcoming album in 2020 will bring a fresh sound and help her to expand musically, giving fans an exciting new journey to join with her. With Amela‘s new single I’m Alright having been made possible by receiving a grant through the Gold Coast Activate Music program, it’s not hard to see the Sia-inspired artist reaching new heights.

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