GUARD Releases ‘Gaslight’ + Announces Debut Album

“With his enterprising nature, and some serious production chops, we can see Guard doing pretty well for himself”
– Tone Deaf

…a trippy electro-pop wonderland”
– Music Feeds

The future of pop music is here, so jump on board early”
– Pilerats

Fearlessly honest, self-proclaimed meme lord-cross-pop star Guard unleashes his kindling new single Gaslight, premiered via triple j’s Unearthed TOPS. Guard also announces today his debut full-length album ‘The Identified Patient’ is set for release June 26th.

A slight pivot from his slow-burning electronic pop, though still staying true to his unique brand of melancholic, glitchy PC sampling; Gaslight whilst a seemingly upbeat dance track, is juxtaposed with a dark narrative. The song was inspired by Guard‘s personal experiences and written in retrospect of a harrowing period of his life. “Through therapy, I was able to understand that trauma had led me to this moment & if I do not break the cycle, I am just heading for a life of constant re-traumatisation, fated to repeat the same dysfunctional mistakes. Understanding what gaslighting is, really changed my perspective on a lot of things,” retells Guard

Previously spending time in LA signed to a label, Gaslight follows a string of successful independent releases from earlier this year. Guard, who now resides in Melbourne, marks a huge career milestone by announcing the debut of his first album ‘The Identified Patient’. The album is a storybook of healing after a relationship that led him to find self-acceptance. “I feel that those who appreciate conceptual pop will understand my message and symbolism. I see my music as performative art through which I am exploring the theme of trauma. I hope that avid pop listeners find something to hook onto in my project,” says Guard. Whilst the album carries the weight of deep issues, its the explorative and cathartic nature of the body of work he hopes will help others experiencing similar. Guard explains: “It is an extension of who I am. I am an artist and I am expressing my views & healing my trauma. I love that I am able to offer healing to those who relate to my experiences. I love releasing music.”

Since starting out, Guard has been praised by tastemakers both nationally and internationally, garnering acclaim from the likes of BillboardPaper Magazine,  V magazineTone DeafPilerats, Music Feeds and Project U, as well as radio stations triple j and triple j’s Unearthed. His past single Pineapple Express has amassed over 3 million streams and Phantom, Wine N Die and Martyr have been added to Spotify editorial playlists Chill af, Study Zone, Indie Arrivals & Pop Edge. Experience the catharsis and join Guard on his exciting new chapter.

Gaslight is out NOW. Guard‘s debut album ‘The Identified Patient’ is out Friday 26 June.

Gaslight OUT NOW

‘The Identified Patient’ OUT NOW



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