ALANA WILKINSON Releases New Single ‘Rib Cage’

Alana Wilkinson is making falling in love with her sound so natural… she’s the flower-child we didn’t know we needed.” – Pilerats

“a delicate balance of honesty, story-telling, and hard life lessons learned – paired with comedy, wit, and just plain having a boogie.” – Write, Sing, Repeat.

“…I’m in awe.” – Claire Mooney, triple j

Melbourne’s inimitable folk-pop-punk-poet, Alana Wilkinson, is back today with her latest single Rib Cage, a bustling, brawling, bluesy gift to listeners, premiered earlier this week via Double J Arvos.

Written as a soundtrack to a cinematic Wild West dream, the song features Alana’s seething, brooding lead vocal over aggressive overdriven guitar licks, haunting backing vocals and honky-tonk piano. “Think two lovers (in brilliant hats) emotionally twisted into a tumultuous and toxic romance that sends them spiralling wildly into the pits of fiery cowboy & cowbabe despair,” elaborates Alana.
Putting herself in the perspective of said “cowbabe,” Alana explores “that feeling of days spent digging through the dirt for a hint of gold in someone, of feeling so out of control and so comfortable at the same time and how even when she thought she’d moved on – she hadn’t!”

It’s the fourth single from Alana, following previous releases Closer, Partner In Crime and Good For You. Each release has served to solidify her role as one of the most notable emerging artists in the Melbourne folk scene. Her songs have received national rotation on both ABC Local Radio and Double J, as well as airplay on triple j’s Roots ‘N All and Unearthed TOPS. Her gregarious style and unique witticisms have also found love in live audiences, leading to major slots at festivals such as WoodfordBlue Mountains Folk Festival and Bello and supports for the likes of Tim FreedmanClaire Bowditch and Kate Ceberano.

Produced by Hayden Calnin, Rib Cage is our latest insight into Alana’s upcoming album-that-was-originally-an-EP, ‘Half Time Oranges’, due to be released later this year. It will see Alana further expand her palate of musical colours and textures and demonstrate to all the full extent of her sunshiny glory.

Rib Cage is OUT NOW. Listen/Download HERE



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