Q&A’s: ‘Moving Forward’ With Brayden Sibbald + The Colourful Writer

Words/Interview by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer

‘We Can Only Move Forward’ is the upcoming sophomore EP release from WA’s producer, singer/songwriter, Brayden Sibbald. Set for release Friday June 12. I have had the absolute pleasure and honour of already tuning into this musical masterpiece and let me tell you, it took my breath away.

Brayden has a way about him that is reflected through his music that is bound to steal the hearts and breath away from anyone who tunes in. It’s as though his emotive voice and faultless guitar playing is a natural extension of himself. When a musician has that natural ability, that seemingly effortless delivery of their talent and their art, well that just sings to my heart so much. Clearly born to create music and share it with the world.

I sent off some questions to Brayden surrounding the upcoming EP release and more.

Do yourself a favour, take three deep breaths, in and out, relax, switch your mind off to the buzz of life around you and then tune in to the already released tracks, Thin Air and Sparse while you read our interview. I promise you’ll be as taken as I was the first time I tuned in.

Your new EP ‘We Can Only Move Forward’ is set for release Friday June 12! You must be eager to unleash this new musical masterpiece into the world? Tell me about the EP, how long have you been working on this one? Who did you work with for this release? 

I’m super excited to release the EP! It’s been a long time in the works and has been pushed back a lot– we started working on it in the middle of last year – so definitely keen to get it out there! I worked alongside Matt Gio from RADA Studios who is an awesome producer and had a massive impact on the record.

I am really digging on your recently released single, Thin Air , there are so many layers to the track. These are especially highlighted in your recent ‘Live From Home’ performance of the song on YouTube. I just love it. Tell me about this track, what is it about? Where did the inspiration come from for this one? 

Thanks so much! Thin Air is a track about letting go of the self-created pitfalls that hold you back and prevent you from moving forward – that sometimes it’s hard to do and it can make you feel small and  insignificant in the grand scheme of things – but you can either let that control you or just go for it.

I find it really easy to create things or situations in which I hold myself back from further development and I think writing about it is my way to make myself really aware of it and try to catch myself doing it.

‘We Can Only Move Forward’ is your sophomore EP, how do you feel about this release in comparison to your previously released EP, ‘Float’? 

I’m really proud of Float and I think it’s a pretty good snapshot of where I was at the time when it was released – but I think this new EP is a step up and a more cohesive body of work. We spent a bit longer in the studio exploring different sounds and avenues for songs and I spent a lot more time on the tracks before taking them into the studio. I think I’ve matured a bit more as a songwriter too – I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

I hear a few different influences and vibes coming through your music, Jeff Buckly, Tame Impala, The Paper Kites, Trevor Hall. How do you feel about those references? …Who does inspire you? Who are some bands and artists that have heavily inspired and influenced you? 

I’m a big fan! I’m a massive fan of artists like James Blake, Foals, Bon Iver and Glass Animals and they’ve really inspired me sonically. I grew up playing acoustic guitar and listening to a lot more singer/songwriter folky stuff and I think that influenced my song writing style. What I’m creating now feels like a combination of the two – especially on tracks like ‘Thin Air’.

When did you know that music was going to be such a big part of your life? Did music choose you or did you choose music?

I’ve always felt like music is what I wanted to do in life. My parents always had music blasting through the house growing up so I was always surrounded by it. I think gradually over time it’s changed from ‘I want to do this’ to ‘I think I can do this’. I feel super lucky to be able to play music every day.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a guitar? Watching you play, it feels as though you really connect with the instrument, you play with a delicateness but also very confidently, like the guitar is an extension of yourself. Do you have a big collection of guitars? Do you have a favourite? 

The first time I picked up a guitar was when Dad started taking guitar lessons when I was about 10 and I thought it was cool so I asked him to teach me – I ended up picking it up really quickly and fell in love with playing. I’ve only got a few guitars but my favourite is a G&L ASAT classic tele.

Your voice is just stunning, so much control and so much emotion comes though when you sing. When did you discover your voice? Is singing something that came naturally to you? 

I hated my voice growing up but I had a teacher at primary school that always encouraged me to sing so I ended up doing it a lot. I took a few lessons for some pointers – I think once I got the hang of it and understood my voice better it came around pretty naturally for me. It’s always something to work on through!

The title of your new EP ‘We Can Only Move Forward’ feels very apt to current time and happenings surrounding the current Coronavirus situation. As tough and devastating as it has been, it is an opportunity for us to move forward, take better care of ourselves and our world. Do you agree? How have you been coping with these strange times? 

It’s definitely a weird time! I totally agree – it’s such a tough time but I think you have to try and take the positives from it, whatever they may be. For me it’s been nice to take stock of things, slow and have a bit more time to focus on things I don’t normally get to do – I’ve been getting in to cooking at the moment which has been fun! It’s definitely been challenging and stressful though but focusing on the negative stuff only sets you back – you can’t go back in time. All you can do is move forward.

After the release of the new EP, what’s next for you and your music? Will there be a tour when live music restrictions are lifted?  

I’ll definitely do some sort of make-up release shows for the EP once restrictions are lifted. I’ve been writing a bunch more music recently too so there will be some new stuff out soon!  

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