EP REVIEW: Sunday Sundown – ‘We Are Home’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer

So there’s that old saying ‘better late than never’ – and so I had all good intentions to review this stunningly gorgeous, ear blissed out session of an EP weeks ago. But then with the shit show that is working from home on top of homeschooling and other things making me busier than a cat burying shit on concrete (thanks Twelve Foot Ninja for that reference, I use it often) – I just have not had a minute to sit down and give this review the time it deserves. To be honest I am just as busy now as I was a few weeks back, in fact probably more so. BUT I was listening to this masterpiece again today and I just had to take a moment to share my thoughts with whomever is reading this. To share with you that this EP is in my top favourite EP releases of the year because it’s JUST SO GOSH DARN GOOD. 

Sunday Sundown are a five piece of Indie Rock goodness from Perth. I had not had the pleasure of treating my ears, heart and soul to their sweet sounds until recently. And from the first listen, I was hooked. A huge bonus of my line of work is having amazing music land in my inbox daily. But, you know, it does take a lot to really impress me. I love, respect and appreciate all music, but when a song or a band really resonates with me, well, that’s just my favourite thing ever. 

‘We Are Home’ is the latest release from Sunday Sundown. A four track EP that is simply perfection from start to finish. Kicking off with the title track, We Are Home. There is something about this track that just feels like home. There is a comfort in this song, a warmth. Like sitting around a fire at winter time, cuddled into a loved one. After every listen, I feel content in that moment. The title, now more relevant than ever with everyone in their homes due to lockdowns, self isolation and for our own and our worlds safety as the world goes through uncertain times surrounding COVID-19. “We are home and we still grow…” lyrics very apt to the ‘right now;’ to this moment in time. We are all still growing and learning with this way of living, as things slowly begin to return to some form of normality. Though I am certain this song was not written in relation to current happenings (unless there is a psychic in the band that could foresee the future), it certainly seems relevant. With the echoing vocals, prominent gentle drum beats, faultlessly harmonic sounds of the guitars and bassline, this track is the opener to an EP that pulled my heart strings from the very beginning. There really is, no place like home after all.

Esplanade is up next. This one gives a slightly more reggae, beach rockin’ kind of feel. “Space trucker, mother fuckers bring the ruckus, from sunup to sun down, we pump out that sweet sound…” – my favourite line in the song. So cool and so easy to sing along to at the top of my voice while dancing around the house to this track. I dig this so hard. If I dug it any harder, I‘d reach China. Heh. The guys have recently released a music vid for this one too.

Ok, so hold uppp. This band has a song called PJ Harvey? Shut up! I adore Miss Polly Jean. She is my ultimate rock goddess. When I saw that the guys had a song named after her, I was impressed and intrigued all at once. Now I really should interview the band sometime and find out if this track is in fact an ‘ode to PJ’ and what the story is behind this one. Whatever the case may be, I love this song. With riffs and meaningful vocals that somehow remind me of a PJ song itself in a way. This is the heaviest track from the EP. There’s a whole lot more Rock in this one and a little less Indie. 

Finishing up this four course meal of music, is the final track, the dessert if you will, the sweetness at the end, to cleanse the palate. Since I Seen You is like a soft embrace. It sounds a little like a sad love song to me. Like a confession to someone you have fallen for, since that moment, that you laid eyes on them. Perhaps a love at first sight tale? It’s beautiful. It’s heartfelt, emotive. A perfect ending to the EP. 

‘We Are Home’ is a well rounded release, it takes listeners on an emotional journey of sorts. Which is what life really is, isn’t it? An emotional journey. Music is life. 

If you have not yet discovered the sweet sounds of Sunday Sundown, I strongly recommend you do so. Like, now. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 

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