SINGLE REVIEW: The Growlers – ‘Dream World’

Words by Sam Townsend – Melting Wax Photography

The opening chords of Dream World, the latest single release from California’s The Growlers, are deceiving.  At first I thought I had mistakenly hit play on a Flaming Lips or Foster The People song, though by the 15 sec mark lead singer Brooks Nielsen’s distinctive golden drawl kicked in and that familiar beach goth sound revealed itself.  ‘Dream World’ is quite a departure from the LA underground sounds The Growlers are known for, though its a single fitting of the current climate.

Dream World is the latest single from the prolific group (along with b-side Random Everything) on the band’s very own Beach Goth Records and Tapes label, and the first music we’ve heard from The Growlers since 2019’s Natural Affair LP.  Although continuing in the same vein of Natural Affair’s tone, Dream World has an undeniably cheerier sound to it, most notably in the lyrics, which are more positive than Nielsen’s vocals portray: 

Choosing a Dream World /
Where a heart plus a heart can equal love /
Go make your own world /
If there’s not enough to choose from

The unusually upbeat song may open with the dejected “what’s tomorrow if no one’s leading?”, though the song is carried by it’s surprising (and catchy) piano melody to the ultimate “close your eyes, but never surrender” – an all too timely reminder our world may not look as we’d once imagined right now but we can always make it our own to forge a new and more optimistic path.

Dream World feels like it could well be the lead single to a yet-to-be-announced new album though as The Growlers are no strangers to releasing stand-alone singles it’s really anyone’s guess if another album announcement is imminent.

The Growlers (last in Australia in 2019 for their east coast headline tour) are due to begin their American summer tour on July 24th, though given the state of live music due to COVID-19 its still yet to be seen if this will eventuate.  In the meantime, you can catch up with The Growlers using the links below:



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