Q&A’s: IVEY Talk About Their Latest Single ‘Midnight’ + All Things Music

Words/Interview by Emily Hollitt

I remember the first time I ever say Ivey play live. It was back in 2016 at my favourite venue, Elsewhere (with my favourite aircon) for their All Things Good tour. I remember the energy these guys were able to bring to the room and the incredible amount of fans they were already able to amass at such a young age. Now, Ivey have come back with an all new single and an all new direction. Midnight is one of their best work yet. The track encompasses all the best parts of Ivey’s new more pop-focused direction. Leading lady Millie Perks’ gentle and distinct vocals float over the sophisticated production. The track is equal parts groovy and atmospheric, with the band’s classic guitar chops adding texture to the airy production and groovy beat. The song begins gently, slowly reeling in the listener, drawing them in before inviting them to move as the mood changes as the chorus hits. The vocals and guitar works almost conversationally, working counter-melodically with each other.

I have loved to watch the band grow and develop over time, changing sound drastically yet still able to keep growing the hype around their music, keeping all their old fans and bringing in a whole bunch of new ones. I was more than excited the band was able to spare some time to let me pick their minds about the single, their careers and what it’s like making it so young.

I’m really loving the new single Midnight! Can you tell me a little bit about what the song’s about, what inspired it and what the track means to you?

Midnight is about sex and everything that comes with it. We never mention it directly in the song but we talk about it in such a matter of fact way. It’s about being wrapped up in it, exploring it and enjoying it.

Your music has really developed and changed a lot of the past few years since you’ve come on to the scene. I’m really loving the new sound! What inspired the change to a more electronic pop approach to music?

As we started experimenting with our own production it changed the way we wrote music. Instead of jamming together in the garage we began writing on our laptops in a more production style and collaborated that way. Our new sound is a result of this writing approach and we are much happier with our output. We want to keep evolving our sound but we’re happy with where we are now.

The production Midnight is super lush! I love the guitar and bass tones mixed in with the depth of all the electronic elements. Who are your biggest influences and inspirations when it came to the production of your track?

We were listening to a lot of nostalgic pop music. The aim of the song was to create a sense of nostalgia through the guitars and melody while utilising modern production techniques to create a new yet familiar sound. We wanted to make it upbeat but also wanted to capture the emotions of the lyrics which are sexy and late night.

Based on what I can see with your band, it seems everyone plays a pretty big equal part into what makes up Ivey. Having all of you so involved, what does your songwriting process usually look like?

Very long. We usually work individually on ideas and then bring those ideas to each other to work on collaboratively. Once most of the production is done we then work on the lyrics and melody. We’ll keep tweaking until we’re happy then put it in our completed folder until we need to choose which songs we’re going to record.

You guys have been doing so well moving up in the industry since you first started, incredible for a band from a small place like the Gold Coast! Congratulations on your recent recognition at the Gold Coast Music Awards as well as supporting the likes of Lime Cordiale! Based on all of these successes and more, what moment or event would you consider the most defining or memorable out of all these that solidified for you that your band was really making it somewhere?

Thank you very much!! We’ve been hosting our annual Ivey End of Year Party for the previous 3 years and it’s been really rewarding watching it grow. We’re very keen to keep hosting these parties and see how far we can take it.

I’ve seen you guys have been very active on your social media recently, particularly on Instagram, doing what you can during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Can you take us through how this has affected you as a fairly regularly performing band but also some of the positives you’ve been able to take from it and learn from it? 

Being a band that constantly spent time together it was actually nice being able to take a break from each other and recharge. We’ve also learnt how to collaborate and get tasks done online we didn’t think we could. But it’s made us realise how well we work together as a unit. We love to play shows and we were planning to play as many as we can this year but COVID-19 put it on hold. I hope you’re talking about our IGTV tutorials, if so, which one was your fav?

I would have to say a combination of the recipe’s from ‘Lachie’s Tipsy Tuesdays’ which helped me build the confidence to follow Millie’s advice on ‘How to Talk to Animals’. Moving on, all of you guys started super young which is really inspirational to see! What advice would you have for any other young people who are wanting to start pursuing music?

Learn and try to master your trade before releasing music. Take your time, write as many songs as you can and connect with people in the industry.

For each of you, which artists or bands solidified your love for you music and your want to do it as a career?

Millie: Florence & The Machine
Lachie: The 1975
Matt: Last Dinosaurs (but more importantly, the Surf’s Up soundtrack)
Dante: Foster the People
Riley: The Strokes

You guys are a huge part of the local scene and doing great work to represent the Gold Coast. Who are some of your favourite local acts you’re loving right now?- DVNA, daste., Citrus Daze, Saint Lane. They’re all friends and they’re all very very talented.10.   Finally, what can we expect next from Ivey?

Much more music. & definitely vibes.

You can purchase/listen to/stream Midnight HERE

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