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For a band that only blasted onto the scene in 2019, Minds?End have very quickly gained a mass of fans and followers with their in your face, high quality sound and energy. 

With screeching, guttural vocals reminiscent of the legendary Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) and a deliciously drop toned Groove Metal vibe going on, these guys are my cup of tea. Or perhaps more suited, my shot of hard liquor. Minds?End tunes burn all the way down, but you go back for another shot, every time. 

The guys have just unleashed their new single, Prepare For War. Premiered on May 2 via Heavy Mag. The second helping after the previously released single, Stripping The Doubt. Both tracks will appear on their upcoming EP ‘From Ashes To Embers’ set for release in the near future. 

Guitarist, David Lang gives us some insight into the new track: 

“Prepare For War is a call to spiritual and mental arms.
It’s a battle cry for the people who know there’s something not quite right about our lives.
It’s a message of strength for those that are confused and disillusioned.
Almost tribal in its structure, the music is a timely reminder to keep things simple. Kind of like a reflection of how we probably should be in daily life atm.”

Although relatable to current happenings, the band have explained the song was written pre Covid-19 times. The track was recorded by Allen Pegg at Old Dog Studios. The lyric video was constructed and produced by Matt Evliampeff (formerly of Harbor The Code).

The track kicks off with what sounds like a warning alarm sounding and a spoken word “In this present crisis, Government is not the solution to our problems.””Government IS the problem”. Giving a political message from the get go. Metal with meaning. Metal with a peaceful protest against what’s not right in our world. This is where Metal speaks to me on a deeper level. For those who don’t like Metal and think it’s all just screaming and a cacophony of loud instruments, I urge you to stop and listen to bands like Minds?End. There’s so much more to the music and it’s a gosh darn beautiful thing. 

With a relentless rhythmic drum beat that has my heart seemingly beating in unison, the heavy guitar and bassline and the aggressively delivered vocals on point, Prepare For War is one hell of a track and I seriously can’t wait for the whole EP to be unleashed into the world. 

Prepare For War is out now on the bands YouTube channel with a lyric video and will be available on most streaming platforms soon. Keep your eyes and ears on Minds?End. The guys have now ‘prepared for war’ and there is so much more to come. 

Minds?End are:

Jens Schonfelder – vocals
David Lang – guitars
Mado Barker – bass
Simon Benham – drums

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