RACKETT Releases New Single ILY Alley (I Love You Alley)

Live shows may be taking a break but the music, creativity and the love is still flowing from the energetic and innovative Sydney artist RACKETT (aka Rebecca Callander) returning with her exciting new single ILY Alley (I Love You Alley). 

RACKETT’s evolution from a four piece band to a solo project has seen Callandar take over the moniker bringing us a convergence of genres covering styles from electro-punk to alt-pop and everything that falls in between.    

Her latest offering, a heart felt song of friendship written for the original RACKETT Bassist, is a sweet pop tribute.  RACKETT says of the song “It’s a love song for Alley, the original RACKETT, bass player.  Whilst in the studio recording our final EP as a band in 2018, Alley revealed she was pregnant and the band was faced with a heart wrenching decision that would change the course of our lives forever.  It’s a beautiful song that celebrates our friendship and chosen family.  Not matter what happens next this song is everything to me”.

Out now on all streaming platforms you can listen to ILY Alley HERE

With all tours cancelled and the music world put into involuntary downtime, RACKETT tapped into what was available and decided to put on a live show from her own bedroom injecting her creative flair, amazing music and drag queens.  What transpired was something amazing.

“I bought a green screen and lights off Amazon”. Says RACKETT of the project. “The production exploded into a two hour live TV show called ‘Loud N Queer’ teaming with Heaps Gay.”  Things just fell into place with Create or Die and DPLR coming on-board giving access to their broadcast studio and Listen Up Music joining in as sponsor.   “I’m a TV Producer of an amazing show with DJ’s, live music, drag queens, comedy and dancing.   Every Friday night at 8PM on Heaps Gay Facebook, we live broadcast two hours of diverse talent performing from around the world to raise money for artists and keep us entertained and connected.” explains RACKETT.  

Guests on ‘Loud N Queer’ have included Jess B, Nimmo, Jordan Raskopoulus, Felicia Foxx, Rhys Lightning, Asta, Rachel Maria Cox, Doodad and Fandango, Lupa J, The Huxleys, Tom Aspaul and more.  

You can tune in to ‘Loud N Queer’ via Facebook  HERE.

With thanks to RACKETT + The Music Maven

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