FINGERLESS Tackle Artificial Love With New Single!

Sympathetic Love is OUT NOW
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“You just need to put on headphones, crank it up, close your eyes, and prepare yourself for a good time.”- 4ZZZ

 “Something totally different to what your Spotify may normally spit at you”- The Soundcheck

“‘Sympathetic Love’ takes you on a journey you didn’t know you needed to take. It’s an ethereal mix of the traditional, electronic and synthetic, flawlessly fusing them together. “- 4ZZZ

“What I really fell in love with was the songwriting and delivery”- Divide and Conquer

“Ethereal quartet of death”- WhiteLight // WhiteHeat

“Heading into 2020, it seems silly to give a band praise for delivering a fusion of genres, but […] Fingerless warrant it.”- Opinion Police

“This is absolutely awesome.”– Back Seat Mafia


Following gripping singles in 2019, Fingerless take a DIY approach to a song about artificial love in 2020. Sympathetic Love is a home recording. Using only two microphones, a home PC and a cheap DAW, it is an exciting new sound for the Brisbane-based band. Inspired by Daft Punk, Ween and David Bowie, the song is a unique take on futurism.

The sound is polished off by the mixing mastery of Darek Mudge (Tired Lion, Sabrina Lawrie) and mastering prowess of Bryce Moorehead (Violent Soho, Turnpike).

For Fans Of: David Bowie, Air, Broadcast, Daft Punk, Ween

Sympathetic Love asks “can artificial intelligence understand love?” and answers “yes”. Love is a messy concept, difficult to understand but extraordinary to experience. It’s considered uniquely human, beyond the grasp of a machine. Fingerless disagrees with this conventional wisdom. In Sympathetic Love, artificial intelligence comes to understand love under the guidance of humankind.

4000 Records are excited to share this thought provoking new single, a further single from the boundary-pushing forthcoming album, due late 2020.

“Relationships are a process involving the interaction of (at least) two independent systems.” states Marc Cheeseman. “Humans, electrochemical machines, have spent thousands of years living in large, complex societies, attempting to understand and improve how we co-exist (and we’re still not very good at it). As sentient artificial lifeforms, a different variety of machine, are increasingly integrated into our hypermodern society, there is a risk that the interaction of these new independent artificial systems will develop into a positive feedback loop; moving the affected systems away from an equilibrium state towards instability, and ultimately chaos. Don’t panic? Don’t feed back!”

“I love a band that keeps me on my toes,” says John Russell (4000 Records). “Fingerless have previously hit me with psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll hoedowns, primitive outsider folk, wall of sound garage rock, and now they’re blowing my mind with ‘Sympathetic Love’, a track that I defy anyone to put in a box!”

Fast Facts about Sympathetic Love:

  • The track was recorded in the bedroom of front-man Marc Cheeseman. 
  • Marc’s housemates and neighbours are very forgiving.
  • Marc used free text-to-speech software to create artificial vocals for the verses.
  • A video for the single will be released in the coming weeks.
  • Fingerless was initially the moniker for Marc Cheeseman’s solo endeavours.
  • In late 2017, the project expanded its membership to do Marc’s evolving songwriting justice.



Fingerless are:
Marc Cheeseman – guitar, vocals
Warwick Epiha – bass, vocals
Johnny Pickvance – drums, vocals
Zara Bennett – keys, vocals

Release title: Sympathetic Love [Single]
Release date: April 24, 2020
Genres: future folk pop, A.I. indie rock
Recorded by Marc Cheeseman
Produced and Mixed by Darek Mudge, Marc Cheeseman 
Mastered by Bryce Moorehead
Artwork by Marc Cheeseman


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