THE WAYWARD SUNS Release New Single ‘Mystery’

The Wayward Suns Manifest Magic from the Rabbit Hole with Latest Single Mystery.

On the back of their debut album ‘Paradigm’ & freshly released track Real Shift, cosmic groove merchants The Wayward Suns are ready to radiate their latest single release Mystery to the smiling ears of our musical landscape.

Mystery is stripped back and simple in it’s essence and this song embodies that taking the listener on a mystic journey through a fused, surreal landscape of flowing rhythm and emotion.

Coming out of the mystery The Wayward Suns shine a light on true knowing of self. Lyrically it is complex and meaningful and explores the ‘mystery’ of life, love and what it means to walk this earth with the best intentions at heart, intertwined with the wayward signature mix of hip hop and roots. Essentially, Mystery in every sense of the statement manifests boundlessly across all states of sound and consciousness.

Performed with punchy, confronting in your face chordal stabs, overlaid with uplifting gritty guitar riffs, bass heavy beats, catchy rhythms and turntable twists, The Wayward Suns latest single Mystery empowers self-mastery manifesting through-out the mix of its expressive existence.

The Wayward Suns have blazed a trail after winning Australia’s largest battle of the bands competition in 2017, leaving 250 bands in their wake, 2018 Q Music/GC Music Awards Album of the year nominees & 2020 People’s Choice Grand Final Winners of the Rolling Sets Festival.

The Wayward Suns are on the rise, since sharing main stages with some of Australia’s best acts, including the Hilltop Hoods, the Rubens, Mallrat, Lime Cordial, Sneaky Sound System, Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Electrik Lemonade.

Listen to the new single, Mystery HERE

“Gold Coast based five-piece The Wayward Suns arrived with their debut full-length album / Live Music Show Paradigm, arrived with the kind of fully-formed sound it takes most bands years to develop.”  Happy Magazine 2018
“Cosmic groove-fusion merchants The Wayward Suns are a collective whose blazing, good times vibe is on the rapid ascension across the local music landscape.”
BlankGC 2018
Gold Coast’s conscious hip-hop purveyors The Wayward Suns. Perennial crowd favourites, renowned for laying down the good vibes in generous doses” BlankGC 2019

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