FOXTON KINGS Drop Blistering New Single ‘Getting Old’

Foxton Kings have returned and signal their intentions loud and clear for 2020 with an offering to get listeners riled up and moving on their feet. Recorded at Sumo Studios in Perth, Getting Old exhibits a more immersive sound than 2019’s EP With Love, with the implementation of chanting vocals, live guitar takes and even a George Of The Jungle inspired drum part.

Out now on all good platforms, Getting Old represents a new trajectory for the alt-rock outfit from Perth, jumping towards a more groove-based, danceable sound, while still maintaining the intensity the band have become renown for. Written on a property in the south-west, vocalist Joel Stevens describes the ease with which the initial idea came to fruition:

“After gigging for about six months with the new line-up, this is the very first song we wrote together while on a weekend trip to Nannup. We brought our instruments, a laptop and a camera to a house just out of town and set up for three nights. Our first jam happened about three hours after we arrived and that resulted in what is now Getting Old. The structure, main hook – ‘shake my hand or take my soul/but hurry up now ‘cos I’m getting old’ – and most of the riffs were improvised during that first jam.”

Lyrically, Getting Old invites those feeling at odds with their day-to-day, who may feel they are constantly going against the grain, to indulge their impatience, get angry and demand change. For Harry Foxton (Joel’s alter ego) the tune encapsulates his inability to keep up with the world and describes his reluctance to conform to modern society. The groove spikes and simmers from chorus to verse, bubbling over in the outro as Harry’s descent into a blind rage amidst his own thoughts is represented by multiple, ranting vocal takes, culminating in a final outcry of defiance “Stay in your lane!!”

With one of the most fearless and high-octane live shows going around, Foxton Kings will be heading back to the studio to continue working on EP #3 due out later this year.

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