LOKETT Releases Soulful New Single ‘Look Up’

Serving as a bright introduction, LOKETT’s new single Look Up is the first release of the year from the Brisbane artist. Already establishing herself in the Sunshine State as an artist to watch, the soulful tones and laid back vibes of Look Up is sure to bring Lokett to more new fans.

The single, a woozy R&B track that sits alongside sounds by SZA and H.E.R in arrangement and delivery, come produced by Lokett and co-producer Tomtom in Brisbane. A song that fights negative thoughts and energy, Look Up is about manifesting change for oneself and others. At present, Lokett’s new release couldn’t be more timely. “This song was made to fight back any negative thoughts or feelings about being held back and dealing with unwanted change. Originally, this was a personal anthem [now] made into one for others to relate to and feel more empowered about change. Look Up is giving a new perspective on how to address [that] change.” Lokett

Adding to the loftiness of Look Up, Lokett and her team took to the streets of Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku and Azabu-juban in Japan to bring the single’s music video to life. Working with Kevin Bar (Moonboy Entertainment), Lokett used the city’s space to inject a sense of isolation into things, achieving emotional impact. “We shot the film clip while on holiday adventuring through Japan. Nearly everyday at some point, we would film part of the clip, run up many different buildings to find filmable roof tops and scout lots of different locations through each town and city we were in.” Lokett 

Having made her debut just last year, Lokett has wasted no time in getting her music in front of local audiences, to great response. With the release of Look Up this April, Lokett kicks off an exciting period of making art – with more new releases to come, her latest is a shining start.

Look Up is out now.

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