MARDI WILSON Teases Debut Album With Soaring New Single ‘Runaway’

“reminiscent of the sentiments and whimsical soundscapes expressed throughout the likes of Lorde’s breakout record Pure Heroine, with vocal delivery akin to Kiwi up-and-comer Robinson and Australia’s own pop golden girl, Amy Shark.” – Music Is My Muse on Don’t Stop

A raw and authentic one person show, Mardi Wilson is a Brisbane based musician, touring relentlessly to share her unique alternative folk style and emotive lyrics. From an early age Mardi enjoyed writing lyrics and poetry but was officially introduced to the world of music when she started learning the drums at the age of 12. In her later years of high school, Mardi switched her focus from drumming to learning guitar, allowing her to further explore her love of songwriting. Now, having combined these skills, Mardi incorporates guitar, vocals and foot percussion into her performances.

2019 saw Mardi release the first few cuts from her debut album with Don’t Stop and Astronaut. After a lengthy tour at the end of 2019, she’s returned home to unveil another single from the upcoming album with Runaway. A lush track filled with Mardi’s vibrant musicality, soaring choruses and unpredictable twists, it’s a road trip song to be spun loud with windows down.

“I wrote ‘Runaway’ about when you meet a person and immediately feel that they will have some kind of impact on your life. Whether the person is there to stay or just passing through- this song is about being vulnerable, opening your heart to people, and growing from knowing them.” – Mardi Wilson

Recorded at Blind Boy Studios with producer Brad Hosking, they shared instrument duties with Mardi covering percussion, drums and some guitar with Brad adding in beats, guitar solo’s and backing vocals.

An energetic and captivating solo performer, Mardi is constantly inspired by the people in her life and her natural surroundings to create music which continues to resonate with audiences as she travels and plays.

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