THE GUSSET Return With New Single ‘Never Let Me Know’

“Brimming with so much coastal energy it could change the tide.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne
 “It starts off with this big energy, wobbly psych-y moments to follow and the drum roll is my favourite. Huge step up. For fans of Ocean Alley, they’ll be big into this.”
Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney
 “These boys seem to have adhered to the old adage, “If you’re gonna do something, do it well,” and with the right strings pulled and the right originality pumped into the package, they’ll go far.”
Around the Sound

Returning for a brand new year of new music, Perth’s The Gusset present their latest indie charmer, Never Let Me Know.
Driven by a warm sense of nostalgia, Never Let Me Know is another example of The Gusset’s solid delivery of tight surf-rock sounds that make us yearn for those summer days and hazy nights. Music to make soundtrack memories with.

Recorded at Perth’s Foxhole Studios with Chad Blondel (Great Gable, Pacific) on production and mixing duties, The Gusset have refined their sound and energy as a group even further. Following on from a busy 2019 with the release of single Something Good, The Gusset stamped their identity on the live circuit and have brought those experiences back into the studio.

Never Let Me Know, written over roughly four months, heralds a new chapter for the band. A new decade is here and new sounds and creative paths are calling The Gusset. This single is just the beginning. “The track describes a time in our lives where we constantly feel the pressure to succeed and to continuously move forward in all aspects of life, whether it be music, work, or relationships. In order to achieve what we want, we often put pressure on ourselves which can in turn, affect us in a detrimental way, both in a work and social setting. Sometimes it becomes just all too much and you feel as if you just want someone to just stop you and let you know where you are at is just okay.” The Gusset

Listen to Never Let Me Know HERE

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