SUNDAY SUNDOWN Release New Single ‘We Are Home’

Some bands are aptly named. Feel-good indie rock quintet Sunday Sundown are one of them – perfectly encapsulating the laid-back vibe of a sunset sesh on the WA coast. In just a handful of songs, their new EP ‘We Are Home’ pays homage to the place they live and the things they love – from its heartwarming title track and first single, to literal odes honouring everything from sunsets at the Esplanade, to rock royalty PJ Harvey.

Debuting in 2019 with two catchy singles and a slew of live performances, Sunday Sundown quickly found a loyal fanbase that is still by their side. Their first single Blue introduced both the sound and themes of the band with its oceanic, daydreamy take on modern indie surf. Its follow-up, the shimmering Lost Souls went down a slightly darker lyrical path, while still resplendent in blissful tones and a mellow, coastal energy.

Building on these singles, We Are Home is a broader body of work, finding the band exploring new sounds and ideas as they delve deeper into songwriting as a group. Their time spent on stage playing sold-out shows is evident in the strength and confidence of their playing, all without losing their ability to make more out of less. Centring around the warm, rootsy voice of lead singer Corey FisherSunday Sundown have created something unique, powerful and beautiful in We Are Home.

“The EP is about finding our sound and coming together as a band,” Fisher explains. “We couldn’t be more proud of it.

Produced by Dylan KeirnanWe Are Home displays an impressively measured touch. Every song captures the core elements of the band’s signature sound – from Jackson Muir’s solid rhythms, to Fisher‘s rich, soulful voice. Andre Bonannella and Clark Scales‘ guitar playing is adventurously creative but tastefully restrained – occupying an interesting space somewhere between Frusciante and Sublime – leaving room for the lyrics to fill the air and conjure vivid images.

A perfect storm of intent and delivery, Sunday Sundown take the Australian staple of littoral music and update it for the new decade… all without diminishing the things that intrinsically make it beautiful.

Sure enough, it did what it said on the tin: feel good, chilled back, glorious Indie Rock n Roll.
– Around the Sound Music

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