PEPPERHEAD Drop New Single ‘Watch You Fall’ + New EP ‘Words To The Wise’

There’s always a story to Pepperhead’s lyrics, and it is usually not too abstract. The Sydney four-piece have always tended to write about real life – real people, real events, real experiences – and their latest EP, ‘Words To The Wise’, is no different. Constructed using burly melodic hooks, meaningful words and simple, robust arrangements, ‘Words To The Wise’ is a modern day Aus Rock classic, and a sheer testament to honesty in music.

Following on from their Psycho Sideshow single of last year, Pepperhead have kicked into 2020 with gusto, releasing the knockout single Watch You Fall. With its overdriven riffs and slamming drums, Watch You Fall provides a fittingly heavy-fisted backdrop for singer Louisa Thomas to show off her powerful vocal range. Recalling monumental acts like Baby AnimalsWatch You Fall is pure focused energy, wrapped up in a four minutes of joyous, undiluted rock.

Produced by Ryan Miller at Housefox Studios, Words To The Wise doesn’t take its foot off the accelerator even for a second. Harnessing the band’s live energy, each song is delivered with the perfect amount of snarl and attack. From the biting guitars of Kieron Haycock, to the blisteringly tight rhythm section of bassist Dan Walker and drummer Mark Trevena, Pepperhead have all the weapons needed to let their frontwoman shine like a star… a challenge she rises to with confidence.

Coming together in 2014, Pepperhead have been highly proactive in their short time together. Regularly performing at home and on tour, Pepperhead have released a steady stream of scorching rock tracks – from 2016’s boppy See Through You, to 2017’s pugilistic Unresolved. Building upon this momentum, Words To The Wise is yet another step up for the band, whose accumulation of stage hours is obvious in
every confident note they play. 

” … two-and-a-half blistering minutes of no-nonsense, unfiltered attitudinal rock goodness that flies by with such energy you’ll be reaching for that replay button to live it all again as soon as it’s over.”
Pepperhead frontwoman Louisa Thomas picks up where the likes of Suze de Marchi and Sarah McLeod left off…”

Stream ‘Words To The Wise’ HERE

Stream Watch You Fall HERE

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