YT DiNGO Returns With New Single ‘End Of The World’

Notable for the ferocity with which he approaches the project” – Pilerats

YT DiNGO merges his passion for music, dance and artistry and each time we’re left captivated– Wickedd Childd

The beauty and poeticism coming through is something to behold– Happy

An audio, visual and raw experience that must be seen to be believed– AAA Backstage

You’ll be swept up quickly into the drama, feeling dumped, stranded, washed up and wiped out– Wild n Free

A flurry of sounds, movement and themes through both the expansive visual and audio layers – Good Intent

YT DiNGO (pron. White Dingo) is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance project, spawned from the genius mind of Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds, movement and feeling in its rawest form.

Today YT DiNGO is thrilled to share with you his latest offering End Of The World. The single comes at a fitting time pushing us to question what will come next. 

Through a rock riff and beats with a banging bass YT DiNGO rhymes out his thoughts as Australia’s bushfires rage and the virus infects the world. It’s the End of the world, 1% are controlling us and we should have as much fun as we can, dance and sing away from this silly game.

Listen to EOTW here

YT DiNGO had killer year of 2019 which saw him release his debut EP ‘Side A’ and receive a Gold Coast Music Award for Video Of The Year for his amazing debut single Shipwrecked. The super talented Trav Ross continues to push the boundaries with a fusion of heavy rock riffs and a nu-metal style. 

End Of The World is the beginning of a string of releases which will lead to his forthcoming follow up sophomore EP ‘Side B’ due out later this year. Expect some thought provoking lyrics and more epic riffs and big beats.

Watch EOTW Here


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